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IT Blogger Spotlight: Dwayne Lessner of IT Blood Pressure

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Welcome to the latest installment of our IT Blogger Spotlight series here on Geek Speak. It’s been a while, but we’re back at it and have a good one to get us going again: Dwayne Lessner, who runs IT Blood Pressure. Check the blog out! You won’t be disappointed. You can also find Dwayne on Twitter, where he goes by @dlink7.

SWI: So Dwayne, how did you get started blogging?

DL: Well, that’s probably a two-part answer, and I admit the first part is probably a little selfish. The reality is blogging is a great way to keep track of things I’m working on or thinking through. Do a little write-up, and it gives you a point of reference you can always go back to. The second part of the answer is really about giving back, actually. I find a lot of answers to my technical and not so technical questions on other blogs and online communities, and I figure maybe something I write up will do the same for someone else. I also love learning, and the research that goes into blogging is a great way to learn new things. It definitely wasn’t for money, I know that much for sure!

SWI: Tell me a little about IT Blood Pressure and what you most enjoy writing about.

DL: So, I actually have roots in the healthcare industry, so that’s where the name came from. Most of the content revolves around VDI in some way, but there’s the off server virtualization- and storage-related post thrown in there. A lot of the content also ties into my day job at Nutanix, too. 

SWI: What are your most popular posts and why?

DL: The answer to that questions is kind of funny actually, one of my post popular posts continues to be “Why Did My v-Session Disconnect.” There must be quite a few folks out there dealing with issues the PC over IP protocol. I’ve also found that write-ups I do on new products are always pretty popular, too.

SWI: When you’re not working or blogging, what are some of your hobbies?

DL: I really like playing Rugby. I’ve been playing since high school, though I realized pretty quickly in my first men’s game that what we really didn’t know what we were doing back then. I also have two little girls who keep me super busy.

SWI: What do you do for work?

DL: I’m currently a technical marketing engineer for Nutanix. I’ve been with the company for just over a year and love what I do.

SWI: How did you get into IT?

DL: To be honest, it really all started with my mom. She worked a back-breaking job night and day tossing 50 pound bags of flour. I knew that was not what I wanted to be doing when I turned 40 years old. And you know, I of course thought I knew a lot about IT when I first got into it back in college. I thought, “Oh, yeah, I know how to work the Internet, IT is for me.” Obviously, a rude awakening was in store.

SWI: What are some of your favorite tools?

DL: Anything that puts a focus on ease of use. You know, there are tools that might have every feature under the sun, but the chances of an IT pro having the time to twiddle around with all the features of a product is pretty unlikely. So, core features with great ease of use is what’s most important to me.

SWI: What trends are you seeing in the IT industry?

DL: The commoditization of everything, really. The whole idea of paying a premium price for servers, storage, network gear, you name it, really doesn’t exist like it used to. I also think the IT people that will be really successful are those with a service provider mentality. The next generation of IT, both as far as the IT pros themselves go as well as hardware and software vendors, really have to be about providing service and improving ease of use.