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IP Address Management is Not an Option Anymore, It’s a Necessity!

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In the era of IPv6, as we find corporate networks expanding with an increase of IP-enabled devices, the entire IT infrastructure is evolving into a large and complex framework that will be unwieldy to manage without the right resources. As a network administrator, you need to be able to monitor and manage the configuration and changes happening on your network.

IP address allocation, reservation, tracking and management could be really hard if you are still thinking about having spreadsheets to manually update IP addresses changes and subnet masks. Centralizing and automating IPAM solutions is the need of the hour. Let’s see what an IPAM solution offers to help and why IP address management is not an option anymore for businesses and organizations of all sizes and sectors.

Key Benefits of IP Address Management

  • Automation: Automated IP address scanning enables you to scan your subnets and update your server with all the dynamic changes happening on IP addresses as they are allocated and reserved. Automation saves time and effort while reducing errors to help improve operational efficiency and ensure the accuracy of your IP space data.


  • Centralized IP Address Management: When the organization is spread across locations, centralized IP address management will help keep all network admins in sync with the IP address allocation and changes. You need an enterprise-class system to:
    • Keep track of used IP addresses, IP address ranges, IP exclusions, etc.
    • Alert on IP address space utilization by subnets, DHCP scopes, etc.
    • Locate IP addresses quickly and easily for management

  • DHCP/DNS Server Management: In addition to IP address management, there’s need for comprehensive DDI software that will offer integrated and consolidated management and monitoring of all your DHCP and DNS servers, such as:
    • Managing automatic and dynamic assignment of IP addresses to devices with DHCP
    • Monitoring name-to-IP with DNS and IP-to-name with reverse DNS

  • IPv6 Migration: IPAM tools can help you plan and coordinate your migration from IPv4 to IPv6 smartly and effectively, and allow you to create and test multiple scenarios before implementation to improve preparedness.

  • Tackling BYOD: Bring Your Own Device trend causes an explosion of IP addresses to manage as employees bring in personal notebooks and smartphones into the corporate network. IPAM software will help you efficiently and effectively monitor and manage all the dynamic IP address assignments and changes occurring on the network as a result of mobile device proliferation.

  • Security: IP addresses are the foundation of modern network connectivity and communication. Without them, you’d have no network. As such, your IP space is a vital resource that needs to be properly secured, including:
    • Controlling access privileges to personnel managing IP addresses
    • User delegation to keep a check on who makes changes, when and where

  • Compliance, Reporting & Audit Trail: Organizations today must comply with increasingly stringent internal policies, as well as external regulatory mandates. As such, regular security audits and compliance checks are a crucial and required part of network management. This is especially true for federal and government agencies. IPAM tools help you to:
    • Perform detailed event recording to track the IP address changes across your network
    • Store historical IP address tracking data for compliance and reporting purposes

Requirements of IT Teams in Organizations

  • Small-scale companies are starting to move away from using spreadsheet-based or homegrown tools to automate and centralize IP address management.
  • Mid-market organizations are looking to take control of the BYOD scenario, alongside the need for automated and consolidated DHCP, DNS, and IP address management, monitoring, alerting and reporting.
  • Large enterprises will continue to require the highest levels of automation and centralization to improve operational efficiency and productivity in increasingly complex and disparate multi-vendor IP infrastructures, in addition to the growing need to migrate to IPv6 as they outgrow their existing IPv4 space.
  • Government and federal agencies face a more stringent requirement of security, compliance and reporting in all areas of network management.

SolarWinds to the Rescue: IPAM for ALL!

SolarWinds IP Address Manager provides you with the agility and scalability to monitor and manage the entire IP space of your corporate networks. With the growing need to face problems of management and security to tackle BYOD, IP conflict issues, IPv6 migration, etc., and to do away with existing spreadsheet-based IP address management, organizations and agencies of all sizes have the requirement for IPAM software. IPAM gives you the opportunity to realize benefits of increased ROI and simplified network administration quickly and significantly.

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Helpful and informative.  Next week, planning on evaluating this product.

About the Author
Vinod Mohan is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at DataCore Software. He has over a decade of experience in product, technology and solution marketing of IT software and services spanning application performance management, network, systems, virtualization, storage, IT security and IT service management (ITSM). In his current capacity at DataCore, Vinod focuses on communicating the value proposition of software-defined storage to IT teams helping them benefit from infrastructure cost savings, storage efficiency, performance acceleration, and ultimate flexibility for storing and managing data. Prior to DataCore, Vinod held product marketing positions at eG Innovations and SolarWinds, focusing on IT performance monitoring solutions. An avid technology enthusiast, he is a contributing author to many popular sites including APMdigest, VMblog, Cyber Defense Magazine, Citrix Blog, The Hacker News, NetworkDataPedia, IT Briefcase, IT Pro Portal, and more.