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I'm not a TV guy, but...

Level 15

...I bought one over the weekend. For the first time in five years I have a TV. Mind you, I bought the thing because of the technology, not the content that's being delivered. Let's see what I learned:

  • With over 1,000 channels, there is still nothing on.
  • LED pictures are great.
  • Based on today's content, I could be a TV producer, and make millions!

What are you watching?

Recently, I was watching a show about the men who built America. Not to go into too much detail, but it covered Ford, Rockefeller, and other biggies. The series was great. I heard stories about how these visionary men did whatever it took to make America the great country that it is today. Then the show cut to a commercial about why Chumlee was late to the pawn shop. Huh? My eyes rolled as I sighed. Is this where we are?

Some popular shows:

I've glanced at these shows, then wanted to smash my head through the screen:

  • Pawn Stars - People selling items for quick cash, often getting far less than the item's worth, thanks in part to the negotiating skills of the employees.
  • Storage Wars - People buying lockers of junk and trying to make money off of it.
  • Parking Wars - City employees who love giving out parking tickets, towing cars, and otherwise making car owners miserable.
  • Honeybooboo - Where is this slice of Heaven located? "Sketti," butter, and ketchup as a meal? Words fail me for trying to describe this concept.

How these are on the air is beyond me. What's next? Metal Detector races? After going through all the channels, I added about 12 to my favorites list. Pathetic.

The Smart TV

I did not get one. I just got your basic, garden variety, flat screen model. I don't know much about smart TVs, but there are security issues you should be aware of. For instance, they can spy on you.There's the next big show! A show about people watching their TVs! Gold Jerry, gold!

Daily Use

I have a feeling I'm going to turn that TV into a huge monitor for my laptop at some point. I mean, even the remote control is complex. (If I'm not careful, I could launch an ICBM.) My co-worker had an interesting use case for his TV and Dameware. You may want to check it out here.

Level 10

Wait till you see Buckwild on MTV(formerly know as the channel that played a few actual music videos) or J-Wow & Snookie's trainwreck show.  You will lose faith in humanity lolol!

Level 15

LOL. I have seen those listed in the guide. My thumb and brain fight over the remote when those listings appear. Thankfully, my thumb has not won this battle.

Level 11

It's a sad world we live in where crappy "reality" television shows are the main offerings from content providers.  Just the other day I was trying to find something to watch (never an easy task) and found FOUR different pawn shop shows in the listing:

- Pawn Stars

- Cajun Pawn Stars

- Hardcore Pawn

- SWAMP ?? Pawn

I mean really... coming from Nevada where pawn shops are everywhere, I never imagined that people could be so interested in people selling their crap to a pawnbroker for far less than it's worth.

Level 15

I don't get it either. I can tell you that a show about developing our software would be more compelling - at least to the geeks of the world. We can shift the conversation from Pawn Shows to "Newsertainment," but I think we'll end up right back where we are - a dog staring at a calculus problem.

Level 11

I barely watch network television since it's been taken over by singing/dancing competitions, except for NCIS.  I do have to admit that I'm hooked on Swamp People (Choot It, Liz'bit!), but the Science channel has quite a few good shows.  Now that the History channels have eased up on the end of the world stuff (a little anyway), there are more good shows on...WW II in HD is riveting, the Men who built america series was great and the recent one about the Presidents is good too.

ScyFy has replaced almost all of it's original content with reality TV garbage claiming that they just don't get the numbers.  Personally I think they discovered it's way cheaper to pay a few dollars to idiots to make a show about the idiotic things they do, than it is to pay millions to produce a good quality series.

Fuel TV has replaced almost all of the cool action sports they used to show (Surfing, skateboarding, skiing.....) with MMA.

My family spends as much time watching stuff on Netflix as we do current stuff.  My daughter really likes Quantum Leap, one of my favorites from back in the day.

Level 10

What about a couple of those other can't miss trainwrecks -

Amish Moffia - Discovery Channel

Full Throttle Saloon - TruTV

Swamp Loggers - Discovery Channel

Level 12

I just watched the season finale of Fringe, and dispute how i feel the direction of the show went i felt a little sad when the credits rolled and commercials took over.    I don't watch a lot, and when I do its always recorded because of time/life/career/drunken state, but the doctor of WHO is always high on my list even if its a bit silly at times.

Level 15

Amish Mafia. Yes, I have seen an episode. I miss Archie Bunker and George Jefferson myself. Remember the days when people on TV weren't always pretty and politically correct? Bunch of dingbats on the tube now. ;-)

What history am I learning on the History Channel by watching: Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Swamp People?

What am I learning on The Learning Channel by watching: Honey Boo Boo, and Say Yes to the Dress?

Level 10

I am a geek. I enjoy Science Fiction/Fantasy “B” movie/TV shows so with that in mind…

I DVR then watch:
- Revolution (NBC)
- Grimm (NBC)
- Haven (SyFy)
- Lost Girl (SyFy)
- Continuum (SyFy)
- Warehouse 13 (SyFy)

I DVR and sometimes watch:
- Arrow (The CW)
- The Mentalist (CBS)
- Hawaii 5-0 (CBS)
- Big Bang Theory (CBS)
- Falling Skies (TNT)
- Supernatural (The CW)

I am looking forward to:
- Defiance (SyFy) with its show & game blend

I am curious about:
- Robot Combat League (SyFy)
- Zero Hour (ABC)

I think that I may watch too much TV.

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Who am I? • I met Robert Frost at the end of the road less traveled, and then pointed him in the right direction. • Einstein asked me to define "Up," and I did. • I cliff dive from airplanes. • On Christmas, Santa comes to me for gifts. • I play three-cushion billiards with one hand. • Lions ask for my protection (I speak Lion). • Bobby Fischer and I came to a stalemate while playing chess. • I have literally given a woman the shirt off of my back. • I have also helped an old lady cross the street. • I know what a dangling participle is. • Mozart bequeathed his Requiem to me, and I corrected it. • I was thrown out of an Eric Clapton concert twice in the same night for drawing too much attention to myself. • I am a verbose minimalist. • I am Bronx. Who are you?