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How to enable SNMP on a VMWare ESX Server

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Since we recently released a new free tool for monitoring ESX server health and performance and since Orion NPM now does a great job of natively monitoring ESX servers, a lot of people are asking how to configure SNMP on their ESX servers so that they can be monitored. Seems like a pretty logical question, so here's how you do it.

To enable SNMP on ESX Server version 3.5:

1. Login as root
2. Edit the snmpd.conf file and add "rocommunity xxxx" where xxxx is your read-only community string). The file is usually located in /etc/snmpd.
3. While you're editing the snmpd.conf file, also add "dlmod SNMPESX /usr/lib/vmware/snmp/"
4. Restart the SNMP daemon - /etc/init.d/snmpd restart

In some cases, you may also need to edit the firewall settings on the ESX server to allow the SNMP traffic through. To do this:

Login as root and issue the following commands:
2. esxcfg-firewall -e snmpd
3. chkconfig snmpd on
4. service snmpd start

Of course, the exact commands, paths, and etc may vary based upon your particilar implementation but you should be able to get there from here. Special thanks to Nikki who showed me these commands yesterday.

For more information, visit the VM Ware page on how to configure SNMP on the ESX Server.

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Helpful reference material.