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How to adjust the session timeout for the Storage Manager website

Level 9

Storage manager uses Tomcat for the web server. The session timeout parameter can be found in the web.xml file.

For windows the path will be:

<installed drive>\Program Files\SolarWinds\Storage Manager Server\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF



Within the WEB-INF subdirectory there will be a file called web.xml. Open this file with a text editor and do a search for <session-timeout>.

The default will be set for 30 minutes. If we want to change the timeout to 1 hour, we simply change the value to 60.





If you wish to set the timeout to infinity, change the value to -1.

Once the changes have been made save the file and restart the Storage Manager Web Service.

To restart the service for Windows, run services.msc, next locate the SolarWinds Storage Manager Web Service and select restart.


To restart the web service in Linux, open a SSH session to the Storage Manager Server and log in with an account that has proper permissions such as root and type the following command:

/etc/init.d/storage_manager_server restart webserver


Note that upgrading or performing an uninstall and re install of Storage Manager will set the timeout value back to the default of 30 minutes.

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Helpful posting.  Thanks!