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How to Perform User Delegation in SolarWinds IP Address Manager

Level 9

Continuing in our series of How To's for SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM), we will look at performing user delegation to streamline team access.

SolarWinds IPAM allows you to define and use role definitions to restrict user access to maintain security without limiting your ability to delegate required network management activities. With IPAM, you can designate various levels of access privileges and custom roles for each admin based on his/her operational limitations and access controls on IP address management within the organization.

In this How-To guide, you’ll learn how to define access roles per subnet, group, supernet, DHCP scope or even individual IP addresses.You'll also get insight into the operational scope of the various access permissions offered by IPAM.

View the User Delegation How-To now and see how SolarWinds IP Address Manager makes team-based administration a breeze!