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How to Manage DHCP Servers using SolarWinds IPAM

Level 9

As part of our ongoing series of How-To's for SolarWinds IP Address Manager, we will do a quick walk through of managing your DHCP servers in IPAM.

You'll learn how to do the following tasks directly from the IPAM console:

  • Add new or edit existing Microsoft DHCP servers and scopes
  • Manage DHCP scopes on your Microsoft DHCP server
  • Set, update or delete reservations, reservation status and DHCP properties, including IP ranges and exclusions

You'll also learn more about IPAM's customizable dashboard that provides at-a-glance visibility into your IP space usage, including scope utilization and proactive alerts.

SolarWinds IPAM provides powerful and centralized management of Microsoft DHCP servers, along with integrated monitoring of Cisco DHCP servers. And, with the next release of IPAM (see Beta 1 version of IPAM 3.1), you'll be able to manage Cisco DHCP servers right alongside your Microsoft DHCP servers.

View the DHCP Server Management How-To now and start harnessing the power of SolarWinds IP Address Manager!