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How to Enable SNMP on Windows Servers and Windows Workstations

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SNMP. The Simple Network Management Protocol. Effectively, the most common protocol or method used today to monitor health, performance, and availability of devices within your IT infrastructure. And yet, when you install a Windows operating system, SNMP is disabled by default. This means that once you decide to monitor all of your Windows Servers you'll have to install, configure, and enable SNMP on each one of them.

There are several different methods for enabling SNMP on your servers. The most common method is to RDP to each of your servers, go into the Control Panel, and install, configure, and then enable the protocol. If you only have one server to do this on it's not all that bad and you might learn a thing or two from the experience if you've never configured SNMP before. If you're in the middle of rolling out a monitoring project and you have several servers to configure - or even hundreds - you're going to want an easier method.

So, since we provide system and application management solutions here at SolarWinds and our customers are often faced with this challenge we decided to give a little something back to the community and create a free tool to solve this problem. The SNMP Enabler for Windows is a new free tool that helps you install, configure, and enable SNMP on your Windows systems.

As always, you can download this new free tool from

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Yeah except now with the monitoring agent, unless I can install the agent for some reason I'll probably avoid SNMP were possible