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Hey, what happened to my memory?

Level 9

So you're using SolarWinds Storage Manager (STM), storage monitoring tool and you get an OutofMemory or PermGen Memory error message. What do you do? The solution can be as simple as stopping the Storage Manager service, changing or adding and argument in an .ini or .sh file, and restarting the service. So, here is what you do with your storage performance monitoring tool, STM if the error occurs.

Stop the agent or server service:

  • Windows: Stop the STM Agent Service.
    Stop the Collector service if you are dealing with the STM server.
  • Linux: To stop the agent or server, use command
    /etc/init.d/storage_manager_agent stop.
    Stop the storage_manager_server if you are on the STM server.

Add or Change an argument:


For OutOfMemeory error messages

    •   Increase the -Xmx value to the desired memory value
      Example: -Xmx=1024M

     For PermGen error messages

    • Add -XX:MaxPermSize=256M to the beginning of the EXT_ARGS list.

Example: EXT_ARGS=-XX:MaxPermSize=256M -Xrs -Xms67108864 -Xmx

Finding the files you need to edit:    

  • On Windows:
    STM Agent:<Storage Manager install directory> \SolarWinds.Storage.Agent.ini

Collector service:  <Storage Manager install directory> \webapps\ROOT\bin\SolarWinds.Storage.Collector.ini

  • On Linux:

STM Agent: <Storage Manager install directory> /Storage_Manager_Agent/bin/

Collector service: <Storage Manager install directory>/Storage_Manager_Server/bin/

Start the agent or server service:

  • Windows: Start the STM Agent Service.
    Start the Collector service if dealing with the STM server.
  • Linux: To start the agent or server, use command
    /etc/init.d/storage_manager_agent start
    Start the storage_manager_server if you are on the STM server.

And the memory problem should be resolved on your storage performance monitoring software, STM. Let me know if this solution helps (or not).

This blog is reworded from the KnowledgeBase article, Resolving OutofMemory and PermGen Memory Issues.


About the Author
I joined the SolarWinds ID team because want to use my skills and abilities towards a common goal, and I want know my contributions matter. I want to see the results of my efforts and work toward building something bigger than what I can accomplish on my own. I believe in the mystery of a can-do attitude, I am excited about new opportunities and knowledge, and I am glad to be part of the SolarWinds team. Before joining SolarWinds, I obtained a Masters and Bachelors degrees in Computer Science and spent 5 years with the IBM Tivoli ID team. I was trained as a technical writer to better fulfill my responsibilities in providing tools support to the ID team. In addition to these responsibilities, I lead a work group designed to organize efforts to use Web Analytics and statistics to drive and validate documentation improvement efforts. I transitioned to the Lead UI developer for a Transparent Development project and spent time learning and implementing social media strategies to improve user experience.