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Help Desk Staff is Not Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

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It’s an indisputable fact that IT troubles stem from infrastructure problems, and we know they just can’t be from Mars or Venus. But that’s just most of the trouble tickets—not all of them. Help desk staff deal with all sorts of system issues and IT support requests covering system hardware, software, IT policies, domain/Internet/system access, and so on and so forth. While all these are relevant IT issues for the help desk team to attend to, there are a lot of trouble tickets that are just end-user misconceptions and paranoia. With the broad spectrum of non-IT end-users from various organizational divisions and departments, there are an increasing number of pointless and irrelevant IT tickets being raised. End-users also create service requests for so many simple and commonplace tasks that they can actually resolve on their own. They just need to realize that these types of issues don’t merit the assistance of the help desk support staff—and some are not IT issues at all.


For example,

Weird Non-IT Complaints

Complaints Which Are Not Really Issues

?? Microwave oven is broken.

>> Not an IT issue.

?? Office refrigerator is not running.

>> Not an IT issue.

?? Elevator is broken.

>> Not an IT issue.

?? Lights in the hallway are flickering.

>> Not an IT issue.

?? Desk cabinet jammed.

>> Not an IT issue.

?? Email is down.

>> No. Flip on the Wi-Fi on your laptop.

?? Server is down.

>> No. Flip on the Wi-Fi on your laptop.

?? Our website is down.

>> No. Flip on the Wi-Fi on your laptop.

?? The Internet is down?

>> No. Flip on the Wi-Fi on your laptop.

?? Wi-Fi is down.

>> No. Flip on the Wi-Fi on your laptop.

So, What Can Help Desk Staff and IT Admins Do?

You can set up a good knowledge base in your help desk tool. Design your end-user-facing service request form in such a way that it displays some information to the end-users when they are creating irrelevant and pointless IT issues. You can also provide self-resolution options for simple and commonplace fixes that the end-users can resolve themselves—such as password recovery, turning on Wi-Fi, restarting the system or service, etc. Add FAQs and self-resolutions tips to your knowledge base and leverage your help desk solution to simplify your IT administration and support efforts!


If all else fails, and end-users continue creating unrelated and absurd tickets, just ask them to call ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!”

IT Spider-Man.png

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Level 18

What you can also do is set up a number of different ticketing options for end-user self service to include facilities related items.

It reduces the time the help desk has to respond on some of the more mundane items and gets quicker service to the customer...