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Heading out to Arizona for a quick Orion install and setup...

Level 12

This afternoon I'm heading out to Tucson to visit with Joel Snyder and geek out a little on network management best practices, SolarWinds software, and industry trends. While there, we're going to be installing Orion NPM and all of the Orion modules to monitor the lab at Opus One.

So, we're going to have about 4 hours to go from a vanilla Windows Server to a fully functioning and customized NMS. We'll be installing and setting up SQL, Orion, all of the modules, doing a discovery, building maps, alerts, customizing views - you get the picture.

My question for you is, if you only had 4 hours to build the "coolest" Orion system that you could build, what would you do? Sure, you can have it installed and up and running in under an hour - but you can also do some pretty cool customizations if you have a little bit of time. Maybe we should make it this a contest - build the coolest Orion in 4 hours... What do you think?

Flame on...
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Level 15

Did this idea ever come to fruition?  It is an interesting concept!