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Happy Veteran's Day from me and SolarWinds

Level 12

I wanted to post this yesterday but I was stuck on an airplane on the East coast until well after midnight and couldn't seem to get any decent wi-fi access. Well, better late than never I guess so here goes...

Of course, the reason that I was on the East coast is that I was meeting with some of our federal government/military customers and talking to them about how they use our products in the field. As a part of the trip I was also able to tour their facilities and play with some of the cool toys that our military uses today. It's amazing to me how far warfare technology has come in the 12 or so years since I was active duty in the US Air Force. The technology that our armed forces has available to them today is really quite unbelievable. I can't provide a lot of detail for obvious reasons other than to say that I pity the fool that gets in the way of these folks acheiving their goals.

It was also really cool to get to see how the products we produce here at SolarWinds are used in the field and how valuable they've become to our troops. Our vision of providing network management software and tools that are "easy to try, easy to buy, and easy to use" has proven to make them great assets for enterprises and military personnel alike.

This trip was extra meaningful for me because I was traveling on Veteran's Day and meeting with these folks on this day really hit home for me. So, to all of my fellow Veterans out there - Happy Veteran's Day from me and from SolarWinds. Thank you for your service, your honor, your dedication, and your sacrifices.

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