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Geekly World News: October 2020

Level 13

I can’t believe it’s already spooky month. This year, Halloween will be a bit different than we’re used to. Whether you plan to have a socially distanced costumed get-together, brave some sort of trick-or-treating, or simply stay home and watch spooky movies, I hope you have a great time with it.



What might you have missed in September?

Hardware to Consider Adding to Your 2021 IT Budget featuring Leon Adato

Newly available VoD: Four Steps to Bridging Your Journey to Microsoft Azure featuring Leon Adato as part of an ActualTech Media Megacast

Attitude Adjustment: Accentuate the Positive by Leon Adato

The Rise of the Cloud Economist: The Other CFO with Leon Adato

Four Steps to Bridging Your Journey to Microsoft Azure featuring Leon Adato

Your Data is Lying to You featuring Leon Adato

Wie Ihre IT kompetenter wird “How your IT becomes more competent” featuring Leon Adato (German)

Turns Out IT’s “New Normal” Is Much of the Same by Leon Adato

WFH 101: What Happens When IT Is in Lockdown? by Leon Adato

Back to School in the New Different—SolarWinds® TechPod 031 featuring Liz Beavers

Better Together: Benefits of Connecting Configuration, Change, and Release Management by Liz Beavers

VMblog Expert Interview: Liz Beavers of SolarWinds Talks Asset Management and Challenges and Strateg... with Liz Beavers

SupportWorld Live Goes Virtual! A Recap and Lessons Learned by Liz Beavers

Beyond IT: Expanding the Service Desk’s Footprint by Liz Beavers

IT Leaders Adjusting to Expanded Role and Importance Since Coronavirus Pandemic by Liz Beavers

Morning Habits for a Highly Productive Workday by Liz Beavers

Cross-Train Your Colleagues by Sascha Giese

Proactive Security Strategy for the Public Sector (10 Steps, Part One) by Sascha Giese

Proactive Security Strategy for the Public Sector (10 Steps, Part Two) by Sascha Giese

Don’t Let Cyberattacks Derail Your Digital Transformation Journey by Sascha Giese

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring: Take It to Twitter by Patrick Hubbard

Cloud Native, You Keep Using Those Words by Patrick Hubbard

5 COVID-Created Network Trends That Are Here to Stay featuring Patrick Hubbard

You Were Built for This: Celebrating IT Pro Day 2020 by Thomas LaRock

The Importance of “Soft” Skills in the Digital Age by Chrystal Taylor

No Ticket Left Behind: Automating Alerts in the Service Desk featuring Liz Beavers and Chrystal Taylor


What’s planned for October?

Keep an eye out for an upcoming webcast featuring Liz Beavers on the ITSM Channel.

October 6: Is the Database the Culprit of Your Application Issues? webcast featuring Thomas LaRock

October 15: Modern Database Performance Tuning Methods webcast featuring Thomas LaRock

Look for a new MSSQLTips featuring Thomas LaRock towards the end of October.

It may not be until November, but THWACKcamp is right around the corner. Make sure you’re registered.

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Leon Adato

Sascha Giese

Patrick Hubbard

Thomas LaRock

Chrystal Taylor

Liz Beavers






















Level 20

Great group of people there... especially Leon, Patrick, and Thomas only because I've known you guys for years and seen you at many SWUG's in Phoenix and elsewhere! 


Level 9

Wow! so many interesting information to view and digest.

Level 9

Great list of articles.  Send some through our team.

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After CIS/MIS contracted for DISA in mid 90’s Worked with Toyota for 3 years Worked for GE for 4 years (Here was where I first found SW products) Did a bunch of various network engineering projects Contracted for GE for 4 more years Currently working with General Dynamics Mission Systems   William Eckler IT Business Operations Services .ılılı..ılılı. GENERAL DYNAMICS Mission Systems