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Firewall Security Manager and Network Configuration Manager Team Up

Level 8

FSM Web Interface - You Got It!

Soon (just hang on it's not far off) you'll get to meet the Firewall Security Manager (FSM) Web Interface. This is about the coolest thing that's happened to Network Configuration Manager since blade servers. FSM produces network device audit reports, enables you to model (test) the effect of changes you want to make, and so much more.

Coming to an NCM Near You

The same Network Configuration Manager you know and love has partnered-up with FSM. You'll soon be able to configure, run, and view Cleanup, Security Checks, and PCI Compliance reports using FSM in your browser. This package includes the ability to query traffic flow, run packet traces, and do a VPN Audit.

All for One, One for You

We put this pair of great tools together because we listened to you. I wish I could say more, but we're still busy making this coming release sparkle. We're still fine-tuning. With that in mind, have a look at this:

Watch this space for more news about this new NCM/FSM integration coming Fall 2013.