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Filtering for Days of the Week in Orion Report Writer

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Orion Report Writer is a tool within Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) that allows users to format data and preview reports before displaying them. When running reports, sometimes it is not necessary or desirable to retrieve all the available information from a device. One question that has popped up is how to create a report that filters for certain days of the week. For example, rather than pulling a report that provides all information (24x7), to instead pull information that has been collected during normal business hours. This article concentrates on how to filter reports for specific times and days of the week. For more information on configuring reports in their entirety see Understanding Orion Report Writer.

The procedure for filtering is fairly simple and only involves making a few changes to the “Filter Results” section of the report. The following example shows a filter that returns information collected Monday thru Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM.


The report consist of two complex conditions. The first complex condition listed below consist of three statements grouped within an “all” condition. The first two filters within the “all” condition filter for the time of day. The filter spans from 7 AM to 6 PM. The 3rd statement filters for a device with the IP address of Please note, rather than using an IP address in the filter, we can also customize it to use custom properties or other filtering techniques.


The second complex condition listed below consist of 5 statements grouped with an “any” condition. This condition states that if the report fall on any day of a normal work week (Monday thru Friday) to include it in the report. We can also convert the report to display weekends by changing the report to Saturday or Sunday.


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These are good tips.  Thanks for sharing.

Level 10

Is there any way to accomplish the same but from the web front end GUI report writer?

Level 12

Unfortunately, no.  The only place to do this is in Report Writer.

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Very good.  Good informations for better formulation od the reports.

I had this setup very similar thanks to per-sales technical support, however, after upgrading to NPM 12, I've had to make some changes to add the individual node names.  I also setup a custom property called "Metrics", and assigned Yes to all nodes I wish to monitor.  Since then, if I select "Time of day" options for greater than or equal to a start time, and less than or equal to end time, when I run the report on the web console to est, there is no data.  In the report write preview, it's fine.

Can anyone help?  I need to add business hours monitoring but this is broken now.

Level 12

Does your business day /hour extend beyond the SolarWinds server’s midnight?

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Actually, I also tested using availability for yesterday, and the report ran fine.

I added 2 elementary conditions, and it stopped working. 

As far as I can tell, this stopped working after upgrading to NPM 12

This are the 2 conditions I added that causes this to stop working:


I found the fix for it.  Apparently this is a (lesser) known issue, and you have to go to the General tab of the report, and uncheck "Group historical data by days".

This link to the fix I found is here:

NPM Report "No Activity to Report"



Level 9

Helpful. I like tips like this as it helps open eyes to additional ways of using familiar things.

Thanks for posting.