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FTP Voyager Debuts as SolarWinds Free Tool

A popular commercial FTP client has just been added as a new SolarWinds Free Tool!   FTP Voyager was first introduced in the mid-1990s and has been downloaded more than five million times since.   It was recently relaunched as a native 64-bit application with a fresh interface (and many other improvements) and is now available to the world for free.

SolarWinds recommends FTP Voyager for use with SolarWinds TFTP Server or our new Serv-U FTP Server, but we'd love it if you downloaded it and used it with any FTP server, SFTP server or FTPS server!

New FTP Client Tutorial Showcases New Interface

There are many FTP Voyager tutorials for our popular FTP client, but we wanted to say "thank you" to FatCat Servers for recutting a classic "how do you transfer files" video with the updated interface.

"Your FTP Voyager Video Here"

Have you published or seen a good FTP Voyager tutorial recently?  If so, please tell us about it in the comments below.

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Thanks for sharing.

About the Author
Software architect focusing on security. Spent ten years developing secure file transfer technology then joined SolarWinds as part of the Serv-U acquisition. Left SolarWinds for a full-time architect position in 2013, but continue to work with my partner Andy White on interesting file transfer projects for File Transfer Consulting, LLC, the firm we founded in 2011.