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Errors and Discards: A Brief Review for Network Managers

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Getting Serious About Network Management

Inevitably, if you are serious about managing your network, you're going to need to address the issues of packet errors and discards. Sure, you can ignore them, but, ignore them long enough, and I'm pretty sure the VP of Finance at your current place of employment just might start ignoring the part of the IT budget earmarked for your personal health and well-being. Basically, if your network infrastructure is not doing a good job of maintaining packet integrity (errors), of if you're dropping packets entirely (discards), you've got problems.

And this is where I tell you that SolarWinds has solutions for your problems.

What are Errors and Discards?

In a previous post, actually, we talked about errors and discards. Check it out for the lowdown on how errors and discards are defined and how you might encounter them on your network.

In a non-network context, but one that is certainly relevant at this time of the year, let's talk about toys, specifically, the brand new bicycle your kid just got a few days ago.

See, here he is, grinding his way up the grassy hill in the park down the street from your house.

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It must be unseasonably warm where you are right now.

Since you are awesome and got your kid a bicycle, you are no doubt familiar with the following promise of imminent joy:


If you aren't, come over to my place, I'll be assembling toys well into the new year...

Anyway, if the box emblazoned with the promise above arrived undamaged at your house with all the pieces inside (i.e. two wheels, two training wheels, a frame with a seat, two crank arms, and two pedals, etc.), we can say that your box o' bike parts arrived with NO ERRORS. If it came missing a seat, you don't need your kid to tell you that have yourself a serious error.

And, if, after receiving all those bike parts, you were able to successfully complete the assembly of your kid's steel steed without burning the instructions on the Yule log or tossing the mangled frame into the neighbor's swimming pool (not that I would know personally what that might look like) you have passed the bike to your adoring child with NO DISCARDS.

With that, on behalf of SolarWinds, I wish you a Happy New Year!


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