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Email is down. It’s not the network, so what is it?

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Passing tickets between the network team and the server team is very time consuming for both parties and wastes precious minutes and hours of getting the service back and running.  Server teams and network teams often work in silos with different (sometimes that means manual tools) tools for managing each environment – each with a different UI and database.

In server monitoring, when a service goes down, it can be any number of things causing the outage – from a network issue to a server hardware failure, to virtual machine performance or a rogue process which complicates the server performance monitoring aspect. When it comes to monitoring applications, you get a complaint that an application is slow, it’s very difficult to ascertain the root cause if all you can see is that network performance is hunky-dory.  By adding a server and application monitoring tool, you can actually see that you have a disk failure or that you have a process that is out of control, or maybe one of the services for your application stopped working.

Check out this video to see how you can solve problems faster by adding server monitoring to your network monitoring environment.

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I've been with SolarWinds for over eight years in product marketing, customer success and field enablement roles. Currently, I'm focused on improving business outcomes for our enterprise accounts with SolarWinds IT operations management portfolio. Prior to joining SolarWinds, I worked at IBM as a product manager, and served in other departments including strategy and finance. I have an MBA from Texas A&M University and a BA in Political Science/Russian Language from Oklahoma State University.