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Efficient Ticketing Turns Customer Service into Customer Satisfaction

Level 9

The need and quality of your product brings your customers through the door, but it’s your customer service that keeps them coming back. Your customers’ experience with your post-transaction service and support is a big contributor to your organization’s ability to gain customer confidence and loyalty.

Ideally, you want customers to use your products without needing technical assistance. But, with technology products, customer support calls are inevitable. Your value as a company is determined by your customers and their encounters with your organization. This means your customer support methods need to proactively accommodate your customers’ needs and timelines.

Often, customers needing technical assistance are in a time crunch so speedy resolutions are always desirable. So, what can you do on your end to avoid service delays, reduce customers’ wait time, and ensure that customer interactions are positive? Improving performance and productivity starts with organizing your workspace. With the right tools and staff, you can deliver a high standard of customer service that results in high customer satisfaction.

Automation to the Rescue

You likely get the customer-support ball rolling by creating a ticket after the initial service request (i.e. email, phone call, text message). Then there’s triage, routing, escalating, assigning a technician, and notifying the customer that a ticket is created and a resolution is in the works. Where customer service is all about efficiency and quick turn-around times, automating as many of these tasks as you can significantly accelerates these processes and keeps you organized.

Your help desk is staffed with a group of hand-picked, talented technicians with particular skills sets and specialties. This is always useful for the many times you need to re-route or escalate tickets. Your help desk tool also brings a cache of talents to the table. It’s worth your time to configure your help desk tool to recognize the specialties of individual technicians, groups of staff, ticket categories, and priority levels. This cuts down on much of the effort in manually expediting tickets.

Where the Customer Service Rubber Meets the Road

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a customer call to check the status of an issue. It’s understandable that people don’t like to wait. Drumming fingers on the desk gets old pretty fast. But what’s worse than waiting is not knowing how long the wait will be.

Give your customers the benefit of the human touch by keeping them informed throughout the ticketing process. Over communicating is not annoying when it’s for the benefit of the customer. The majority of positive customer service stories include a testimonial about how he or she was kept in the loop every step of the way.

When you close tickets, make it easy for your customers to give you some feedback and lend their opinions about their customer service experience. Again, this is where your automated help desk processes give you the luxury of effectively interacting and building a rapport with your customers to assure them that their needs are important to you.

The customer relationship is the heart of any business. When a high level of customer satisfaction is your goal, your help desk ticketing processes is how you achieve most of your customer-centric milestones for that goal. 

Level 17

*Hand Raised*

Too many complaints and the driving forces start looking for other solutions. Meetings users SLA's is key in ITSM. Having the users understand the SLA is minor, having the user understand and be well informed of their requests/incident status is easier and just good customer service.

Level 9

Thank you, cahunt. And good point! Quality customer service doesn't always require a lot of work.

Level 9

Raises hand as well. I think the automated process would definitely improve customer service.

Level 9

Thank you for your comment, kbthwack

Level 10

Very well put. The old adage that the customer is always right does not need to happen. It does not have to get to that point. If the customer service is exceptional then the customer will be satisfied and not need to be the squeaky wheel. Automation, Speed, Attention to detail, and Compassion for the customer and their needs are great things to keep in mind and well as their input.

Level 15

Good article.  Informative.