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Effective IP Address Management

Level 12

If you’ve been managing networks for very long at all you’ve come to the realization that effective management of your IP address space is a key part of managing your network. Dealing with IP address conflict issues, DHCP scopes that have run out of space – and heaven forbid readdressing projects – can eat up a significant amount of your already limited time.

One of the first large-scale IP address management projects I worked on was for a large service provider here in the US. They’d recently purchased and deployed an IP address management solution from one of the framework players and they were having problems keep it running and especially in training their teams to use it. My project was to learn the product inside and out, rewrite all of their operational procedures around IP address management to leverage best practices with the tool, create a user manual for the application specific to their environment, processes, and people, and then to train their teams. It was a long project but in the end they were able to adopt the tool and their teams became quite good at leveraging it.

With regards to IP address management, most organizations underinvest when it comes to allocating time for IP address planning and in acquiring tools for IP address management. Had this company spent more time planning, their IP address schemas wouldn’t have been so complicated. They did deploy an IP address management tool but it came too late to be an aid in planning and at that time the tools available for this were all very expensive and complicated.

Next week we’re going to host a free webcast on IP address management best practices. Toward the end of the event we’ll also be demonstrating the latest version of the SolarWinds IP Address Manager which is an easy to use and affordable IP address management solution.

We’re offering the event three times next week so just choose the one at the date and time that works best for you and I hope to speak with you then.

March 10th, 1100 SGT (Singapore) -
March 10th, 1100 CST (Austin TX) -
March 11th, 1400 GMT (Cork Ireland) -


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Sounds like these were good events