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Level 12

The battle is on, Round 1 is complete and the community has spoken. 

  • Halo falls to Call of Duty
  • Ms PacMan, too much like PacMan.  Donkey Kong prevails!
  • Time invested in WoW creates a higher level of commitment than Baldur's Gate
  • The all-out melee of Smash Bros may just have beat Punch Out by virtue of the plethora of favorite characters NOT represented in the bracket
  • Golden Eye 007? Huh?

All of this means that we are down to 16 gaming heavy-weights. And, now the match ups get a little more complicated. Given the fact that MOST of these games have very little in common. How will you judge Madden NFL versus Galaga? Half Life versus Mario Cart? Can Mortal Combat stand against the game that spurned a movie about the competition for a HIGH SCORE?

Head here to view all of the match ups and cast your vote to see who will move one to the for the honor of representing each of the four bracket divisions.

We are getting close to the end, don't miss your chance to chime in and push your favorites to victory.

And, while we are at it, let us know who you think will reign supreme...

Round 2 VOTING is HERE.  And remember, you have to be logged in to comment and vote. This round ends tomorrow (April 2) at MIDNIGHT.

Oh, and by the way, I was informed that I unfairly worded the Zork question which was confirmed by zachmuchler's IMDB post. While that game is not specifically Zork, it was based on Zork (rights can be hard to secure, you know).  For that reason, we will award an extra 50 points to the following thwack members:  crippsb, zachmulcher and bradkay.  Congrats, and use those points wisely.

If you are just joining us, you can catch up here (Let's LEVEL UP!) and here (The Cheat).

About the Author
I am not a native of the Geek Kingdom, but I have been granted permanent legal resident status.  I find your culture intriguing and seek to study it closely so that I might help the rest of the world better understand your needs, motivations, and strange rituals. Somewhere in 1997, I discovered that I possess a pretty decent ability to take complex, technical "mumbo-jumbo" and explain it to anybody's grandmother.  Thus, a career was born.  And now, I run SolarWinds' corporate marketing and PR programs.  (So, if you are ever struck with a sudden and pressing need to declare your undying love of SolarWinds to a Network World reporter, feel free to call me.  I can make that dream happen.) I married a geek and am pretty sure that our two boys are already displaying the tell-tale signs of geek.  And while I have been known to kid about those with a professed love of technology...  it has changed my life for the better.  And no, Spock is not a superhero.