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Cool Technology and Protecting the World from Vampires

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Next week I'm going on a trip to the great Rocky Mountains of Colorado where I'll be climbing up, over, and around mountains for about 7 days. Yesterday, during some time I had allotted to building slide decks, I found myself suddenly in Google Earth (another great example of cool technology) mapping out some of the treks I would take. As a result, I decided to run down to REI and get myself a water filter/purifier so I wouldn't have to pack as much water with me in the field.

What I ended up buying was such a great example of cool technology that as a technologist I simply had to share. It's a hand-held UV light that is used to purify drinking water. You simply fill up your canteen from a stream or lake, shine the light into it for a frew seconds, and badda bing - safe, clean drinking water.

This is really some cool stuff. It got me to thinking that maybe someday instead of having large facilities to chemically treat water we'll simply run fiber optic cable down the inside of our water pipes and treat with UV rays. I wonder if the same science could be applied to swimming pools? The possibilities seem endless...

Not only that, but as you're probably aware UV light is a significant defense against vampire attacks. I realize that statistically the chances of being attacked by a vampire, especially here in the US, are slim but you never know and I'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to the undead.

What cool technologies have you ran across this year that are worth sharing?

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just hoping we never get any vampire zombies...