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Coming Soon, to a web console near you!

Level 15

How fast are you at troubleshooting?

Quick. If Storage Array X goes into a Warning state, what applications are affected? Oh great, now applications are going critical. Here come the phone calls. Where do these critical applications live?! You need answers now! Time’s up. Sorry, you lose. Thanks for playing.

Ho, ho. What’s this?

The Environment view you say? What’s that? Please explain.

Sure. But first, let’s imagine you work for a company called, SolarBronx. Here at SolarBronx, software is being developed at break-neck speed. We employ many people who work in various departments. Where do you fit in? You’re smart. You work in Engineering!

AppStack1 - Copy.png

Now let’s imagine you get sick and end up in the hospital for two weeks. Who will that affect at SolarBronx? Let’s have a look:

AppStack2 - Copy.png

As you can see, certain employees in various departments will be affected, one way or another. Some may need to pick up the slack in your absence. Let’s remove the clutter and just focus on who is affected.

AppStack3 - Copy.png

And there it is. Look at all the people your illness affected. This is unacceptable. SolarBronx determines you, the problem that’s costing the company time and money, must be removed. Sorry buddy, you’re fired. Hit the bricks! Now SolarBronx is running smoothly once again without you mucking up the works by costing the company a fortune after only three days on the job.

The Environment View

The Environment View is Orion’s way of telling the same story about your IT environment, only without the twisted humor. Take a look below at Orion’s interpretation:


Here in this environment, Storage Array CX3-10c is in a Warning state. Clicking this Storage Array will show me everything that it’s related to and affecting in my environment, like so:


Objects not affected or related to the object selected are shown as faded. To get a cleaner view of the related objects, click Spotlight to remove all unrelated objects. Voila!


Pretty slick troubleshooting tool, wouldn't you agree? And it will be coming soon to a web console near you!

Level 12

That could be SUPERsweet! What are you using to feed this beast? or to feed Bronx for that matter?

Level 15

Bacon! (Not really.) This is a new feature of the Orion web be.

MVP how do you set up and maintain the hierarchy ?

Level 15

There's really nothing to set up. Just go to that new view and the worst status of each object will be shown on the left. Click away to see what's related to what!

Product Manager
Product Manager

Object associations are automagically learned by Orion and can be extended upon using dependencies.


That's the answer I was looking for....

Thank you.

Level 15

This is a good article.  Thanks for sharing.

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