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Coming Soon Monthly: Geekly World News

Level 13





As a long-time reader and contributor to the THWACK community but first-time Head Geek, one of the things I always wondered about was: what are the Head Geeks up to? With my newfound geekliness, I decided I wanted to provide answers to those types of questions. Questions like:


Where are the Head Geeks?

Who are the Head Geeks?

Why are the Head Geeks?


[insert Drax reference]


What in the world are the Head Geeks talking about these days?

What did I miss from the Head Geeks?

How and where can I engage the Head Geeks?

Why the heck can’t I find a reference list for content I want to share from the Head Geeks?


<pause for effect>

If you want the answers to these questions, stay tuned! I plan to answer [most of] these questions each month here on THWACK as best as I can. As many of you know, this community is incredible, and we want to stay connected with you. We want to share with you as much and as often as possible, and hopefully this will act as a nav system to guide you.


Please note that with the current travel environment, it may be some time before we are able to meet in person. I may not have travel updates for you for a while, but if there are any remote opportunities to chat with us (such as live chat during Lab episodes) I will be sure to share. Stay safe!


If you can’t wait for the first issue, you can get started by finding us on social media (details below). We look forward to hearing from you.


Leon Adato

Sascha Giese

Patrick Hubbard

Thomas LaRock

Chrystal Taylor

Liz Beavers























Great stuff @ChrystalT !  I am looking forward to the upcoming content here.

This sounds interesting and fun--bring it on!

About the Author
I've been in IT for almost 30 years beginning in the stockroom and working my way up through operations to help build and develop the Automated Operations Team at Radioshack before Enterprise Management was a cool thing. Working in several different shops over the years has exposed me to a number of different challenges regarding monitoring and alerting. I am a amateur radio operator, Skywarn spotter for the National Weather Service, and a volunteer firefighter in a rural county just West of Fort Worth.