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Catching up with the SolarWinds Head Geek...

Level 12

For the next few weeks my travel schedule is going to be sort of crazy so I thought I'd provide everyone with an update and also a heads-up on some upcoming events where we might be able to talk in person.

From October 8th thru 16th I'll be on vacation at about 11,000 feet in Colorado. If you're curious about exactly where I'm going copy and paste these coordinates into Google Earth and zoom on in...


After that, I'm headed out to Atlantic City where SolarWinds is hosting a free seminar on network management best practices. This will be at the Trump Taj Majal on October 22nd. You can go here to sign up.

Then we're headed out to Washington DC for an event with Network World on October 27th where we'll be talking even more great technology. More on this to come...

We're hosting a Geek Speak webcast on Network Configuration Management on October 29th (my birthday no less) and invites will be going out for that here in a few weeks.

Part #2 of the customer training on NetFlow will be held on November 5th. This is going to be a great session as part #1 gave us some great information on what people wanted to learn in part #2 and we'll spend most of part #2 configuring network gear for flow export and discussing the configuration parameters.

Later that month on November the 19th we're hosting the Geek Speak webcast part #2 of the QoS series we've been doing. I know that a lot of people have been waiting on this so I'm excited to be able to offer it.

So, mark your calendars and if you're going to be in any of these cities while I'll be there look me up. There's also a good chance I'll be in NYC on the night of October 22nd so keep that in mind if you're in the city and looking to get geeky.

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