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Bracket Battle 2019 - Championship Round

Level 12

We have come to the end.

The battles have been hotly-debated, hard-fought (not really) contests pitting what is, quite honestly, a pretty silly set of questionable skills against one another to determine the MOST USEFUL of the Useless Superpowers.

We asked you, the community, to determine which Useless Superpower would be better than no superpower at all. Some of you voted with your hearts, some with your heads, and some with a commitment to fighting crime we had no idea you had!

  • USBz (57%) squeaked past BINARYz despite a compelling and passionate campaign for the 1s and 0s.
  • Our favorite play-in, TWEETz (78%), confidently moves into the final over DROPz who just didn’t have the strength to get to the end.           

From 33 to 2.

But, there can only be ONE!


Level 13

Thanks!  Come one TWEETz!

Level 14

One to rule them all.


Level 15

There can be only one...

Related image


It's looking good for TWEETz

Level 11

Yes, looks like TWEETz has it, maybe the stackable super power is photo bombing for for snap chats.

Level 13

Either one of these would actually be quite useful.

Level 13

There can only be one.

Level 15

Thanks this was a lot of fun!

USB actually has 3 statuses

Quantum physics explains USB behavior. - Imgur

So it seems to be impossible to plug it in at the first time      

Level 12

Still feel like lactokinesis was the best of the bunch.

Level 20

I didn't get into it this year like in the past... maybe I've been too busy idk.

Level 11

Still always fun to follow these

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