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Bracket Battle 2019: And The Winner Is...

Level 12

And now, there is one left standing alone having vanquished foe after foe after foe after foe after foe after foe. (Six match-ups in all)

In a battle of questionable skills and worthless superpowers, there was one gift that the community found more valuable than others, more useful than not.

An underdog of 140-character proportion capable of understanding before a word has been uttered.

Our Superhero of Uselessness, our Champion of Mediocrity…


From the moment TWEETZ entered the ring, we were enthralled with the idea of reading 140-characters of anyone’s thoughts. We believe that TWEETZ is the best of the worst, the most helpful of the least useful…

TWEETZ, today we celebrate you.

(If GIFTZ had won, we would have been able to bestow TWEETZ on everyone, but alas… the spoils of the bracket battle)

Thanks to all who voted and debated this year’s battle. What are your suggestions for year 8?

Level 13

Congrats to Tweetz. It was a hard fought battle but at the end the truncated mind reader won.  Personally, I think it's probably a good thing we can't read even  the first140 chars of other folks thoughts, but that's just me.

Level 13

We would all be in so much trouble if TWEETZ powers were real. 

Level 15

Who would have thought...

Level 13

I suspect a person with Tweetz power would have been able to predict this.

Level 13

TiffanyNels​, what were the previous Bracket Battles?

Level 12

Great job!

Level 16

Once we'd seen the play-in, people who used TWEETZ to read the mind of those with the smart money would have known where this bracket battle was going to go.... it might have taken a few attempts though... darn that 140 character limit!

For next year, how about looking at the MVP introduction thread, and picking the favourite TV show resurrection suggestions, and taking that as the theme! It'd be fun to see which show has the most support

List from the thread below for convenience, but clearly this is just an idea of what could be included



Adventure Game, The            

Darkwing Duck                       

Deep Space Nine                   

Fraggle Rock                          


IT Crowd, The                         




Quantum Leap                        

Star Trek Next Generation      

Stargate SG-1                         

Level 11

Some of these already had a reboot of sorts.

Nightmare for instance returned very briefly on CITV, but didn't capture audiences like it once did.

Knightrider was rebooted, but let's be honest without the Hoff it was nothing!

Various star trek/stargate reboots.

And you cannot reboot Quantum Leap, it's such an iconic show, and finished so well (I wont spoil it for those that haven't seen the end).

Others that could be included;

The A Team



Level 14

This was fun..... janobi​ an Airwolf reboot... might be interesting.

Level 16

+1 for Airwolf. They should use a black Comanche this time, though:

Level 15

Well 2 of my 4 picks made it to the end and Tweetz waz duh winna!!!

Level 11

Yeah Airwolf was brilliant, however watching it back now you realise how poor the effects were! 

Still would be awesome to have a similar show these days, however I don't think they're ever as good as we remember them. 

Level 13

Great job.  That was fun..... picked the right one.

Level 19

And considering how much I hate twitter how is this not a surprise?

Level 10

Could do a paper products battle for year 8...Toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, etc. 

Level 21

There are so MANY potential future bracket battles that might be made!

  • Best band of a particular decade.  Might have to get specific, since someone who loves the Beatles may not care for Bruno Mars or the Carpenters . . .
  • Scariest monster?
  • Most awesome Muppet
  • Best karaoke song?
  • One Hit Wonders!  YES!!!!   Brandy, by Looking Glass?  Who Let The Dogs Out?  O, Canada?
  • Best (or worst?) Movie Quote (positive, evil, triumphant?)
  • Sports Mascot? (worst, most pathetic, best?)
  • Brands/breeds of anything (dogs, cats, horses, cars, boats, guitars, computers, webzines, etc.)
  • Sci-Fi movie (NOT horror or fantasy)
  • Fantasy movie
  • Movie Monster (positive, like Jurassic Park's scary T-Rex who also saves the day, or negative like the Creature From The Black Lagoon or Mothra)
  • Mammal.  Most versatile, sneakiest, least useful, smartest, least smart, etc.
  • I hate to say it, but Disney Princesses.  Who gets the job done best?  Most competent?  Least princess-like?  Least likely?
  • Most useless Disney prince / hero?
  • Dr. Seuss characters--most helpful, least helpful, most pessimistic, best tongue-in-cheek?
  • Best real-life scientist?  We did something like this a while back, right?  Included Tesla?  I enjoy doing a little bit of background reading about historical figures so I can make a good evaluation of which is better than another.
  • Worst tyrant in history (mammals only--no dinosaurs, no fictional ones like Thanos in MCU).  Or, maybe ONLY fictional tyrants?
Level 19

Sci-Fi stuff seems to work best around here...

Level 19

Monsters seems pretty good too...
Level 16

Level 14

i'd like to see rschroeder​'s "worst tyrant in history" but with actual tyrants :-D i see some troubles coming up

other than that "most awesome muppet" GO Statler & Waldorf!

Level 21

Yeah, I'd name living people, dead people, groups of people present and past . . . no good would come from it.  Someone would be offended, and perhaps rightly so.  My view is only my own; I've not walked in the moccasins of many other people, and don't have their perspective.

Maybe the people I'd focus on would have valid reasons for doing and saying things that seem contrary to scientific knowledge and kindness and human altruism.

Perhaps worse, if they actually ARE tyrants, maybe I'd "be disappeared" by their supporters or organizations or fanatics.

So much for freedom of speech.

Level 17

I had my money on Tweetz all along.

Oh and KnightRider for the win!!

or A-Team and Dukes of Hazzard are acceptable alternative winners.

Level 9

So do we know if anyone was able to get the correct final four and snag the points?

Level 11

BTW did anyone share this on twitter?

Level 11

Another fun one, looking forward to the what comes next.

Level 13

You want to see poor effects?  Try rewatching Blake's 7, especially the first season.

The effects got better by the last season, but not by much.  Memory was definitely better.

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