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Bracket Battle 2017: Round 4 Recap

Level 15


For the first time in bracket battle 2017, I don’t think there were any surprises this round. The final four included two of the most popular bracket contestants we’ve ever seen—Groot & Chewbacca. They have continued to dominate each round and made getting into the finals look easy. Several of you predicted this final match-up on DAY 1 of the bracket battle! Team Watson & Team Pinky, you put up a good fight.

To see the final score for these match-ups, check out the polls below:






For the last time this year, it’s time to check out the updated bracket and vote for the greatest sidekick of all time! This one is for all the marbles!

You will have until April 9th @ 11:59 PM CDT to submit your votes & campaign for your favorite sidekick.

Access the bracket and make your picks HERE>>

Level 14

Not going to be close, although I do really like Groot

Level 12

Well I'm going to do my part and vote Groot to try and end this Star Wars silliness.  Man, it really feels like I'm voting in an American election.  The best candidates either weren't included (Spock) or were pushed out by fanatical voices (Morty, Watson, etc).


Level 13

Gotta go with Chewy.  He and I speak the same language.
Level 16

ROUND 5...... ho ho
Level 16

GO Chewbacca GO

Level 10

Man, this is a tough one . . . on the basis of sheer power, Groot has it in the bag. On the other hand, the battle is about who is the best sidekick, and Chewbacca has been there through thick and thin for Han Solo. Let's break it down:

Sheer physical strength

Groot: Giant tree strength, no obvious vulnerable points, is CGI so essentially magical

Chewbacca: Formidable, has a bowcaster but is not CGI, so more vulnerable

Advantage: Groot


Groot: Unswervingly loyal to Rocket for reasons unknown

Chewbacca: Unswervingly loyal to Han Solo due to Wookiee Life Debt

Advantage: Chewbacca

Service to "hero"

Groot: Sacrifices self to save Rocket and the other Guardians

Chewbacca: Lets Han Solo get whacked by his whiny son, The Wimpiest Sith

Advantage: Groot

Freshness of franchise

Guardians of the Galaxy: The new hotness

Star Wars: Old and busted (Rogue One was good; otherwise . . . please, just stop)

Advantage: Groot in a 3-to-1 smackdown. He turns Chewbacca from a walking carpet into an actual carpet.

(I know the Star Wars fanboys will never let this happen. In reality, I suspect the actual outcome will be Chewbacca in a Star Wars nerdgasm landslide.)

Level 21

There are some pretty creative folks out there in digital land . . .




Best buddies getting together for the game on Sunday afternoon:

Level 16

Thanks Wendy Battle was awesome

Level 15

This was very interesting, especially how vocal people were on their picks.

Level 13


Level 15

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Level 17

Can't believe tomaddox​ predicted the final. Well done!