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Bracket Battle 2016: Round 1 Recap

Level 15


We started in uncharted waters with this bracket battle, and unfortunately it was not smooth sailing for everyone in the Swabbie round. Personally, I’m a little shocked that Captain Hook was among the fallen who will now be sentenced to swabbing the poop deck.

Round 1 shut outs & nail bitters:

  • Picard vs Nero- Shut out for Picard! tinmann0715 said what we were all thinking “Seriously? Picard is on the Mt. Rushmore of Captains. It isn't even fair!
  • Han Solo vs Nemo- Han Solo wins by a huge margin! ironman84 put it best “In this battle, much like in real life, Han shoots first.
  • Kirk vs Phasma- Kirk easily wins this round! According to mhintonKirk is the UConn women of this bracket anyway. It is all merely a formality.
  • America vs Planet- No contest for Captain America! Really this round can be summed up in one word.. network defenderMurica

  • Underpants vs Haddock- Captain Underpants narrowly secures a victory in this nearly even split match up.
  • Messi vs Captain & Tennille- Captain Lionel Messi wins this one in overtime, but barely.
  • Phillips vs Flint- Captain Phillips takes the victory and surprise upset in this round! ahh‘s comment might help explain what happened in this match-up: “I want to go with bada$$ Flint on this, but have too much respect for Capt. Phillips (in spite of the Hollywood version).

Were you surprised by any of the shut outs or nail bitters for this round?

To see who else is advancing on in the next round, check out the updated bracket & start voting for the Sailor round! We need your help & input as we get one step closer to crowning the ultimate captain!

Access the bracket and make your picks HERE>>

Level 14

Round one was fun.  Round two had some tough decisions, and some not so tough ones.

Thanks for the quote wabbott​. I'm honored!  🙂

Level 15

You had a lot of good quotes, it was hard to pick just one

I wasn't really surprised by any of the matches except I though Captain and Tennille would have got the nostalgia vote.

Level 17


Thanks for the update

Level 15

From all what I like most is cave captain


I'm hoping Leela takes it all the way

Futurama was a favorite show  of mine


She's great in Sons of Anarchy too


"Do that to me one more time" was not one of my fondest memories of my childhood.


Unfortunately I didn't get to vote all the rounds but I'm bummed Haddock didn't get through.

Looking back in hind sight, I still can't believe the brackets' outcomes.  (shakes head in disbelief)

Level 20

catching up...