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Bracket Battle 2016: Oh Captain! My Captain!

Level 15


O Captain! My Captain! Our Journey’s just begun.

Whether your ship sails the high seas or galaxies, votes will say who won.

Featuring captains Crunch, Kangaroo, Sparrow, Kirk, & everyone in between,

This is a bracket battle, the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Sound the battle cry, let the trash-talk fly—there’s no telling which way this will go.

Now all that’s left to say is Vote up me hearties, yo ho!

Starting today, 33 of the most popular captains will battle it out until only one remains and reigns supreme as the ultimate captain.

We’ve handpicked from a wide-range of captains from pop-culture & real life to make this one of the most diverse bracket battles yet. The starting categories are as follows:

  • Interstellar
  • High Seas
  • Island of Misfits
  • Animania

We picked the starting point and initial match ups, however, just like in bracket battles past, it will be up to the community to decide who takes control of the ship & who will just be part of the crew.

Bracket battle rules:

Match up Analysis:

  • For each captain, we’ve provided reference links to wiki pages— to access these, just click on their NAME on the bracket
  • A breakdown of each match-up is available by clicking on the VOTE link
  • Anyone can view the bracket & match-ups, but in order to vote or comment you must have a thwack account & you must be logged in


  • Again, you must be logged in to vote & trash-talk
  • You may vote ONCE for each match up
  • Once you vote on a match, click the link to return to the bracket & vote on the next match up in the series
  • Each vote earns you 50 thwack points! If you vote on every match up in the bracket battle you can earn up to 1550 points!


  • Please feel free to campaign for your favorite captains & debate the match ups via comment section or on social media (also, feel free to post pics of bracket predictions on social media)
  • To join the conversation on social use hashtag #SWBracketBattle
  • There is a PDF printable version of the bracket available so you can track the progress of your favorite picks


  • Bracket Release is TODAY, March 21st
  • Voting for each round will begin at 10 AM CT
  • Voting for each round will close at 11:59 PM CT on the date listed on the bracket home page
  • Play-in battle opens TODAY, March 21st
  • Swabbie round OPENS March 23rd
  • Sailor round OPENS March 28th
  • Gunner round OPENS March 31st
  • Quartermaster round OPENS April 4th
  • First Mate round OPENS April 7th
  • Ultimate captain announced April 13th

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment below & we’ll get back to you!

Which one of these captains would you follow to the end of the earth?

We’ll let the votes decide!

Access the bracket overview HERE>>

Level 14

"It proves that you wealthy college boys don't have the education enough to admit when you're wrong."

Level 12

My prediction is that it comes down to Picard and Sparrow, with Picard winning it all!

Level 9

Jaws.  That was Quint.  I remember watching it the other day.  But you left a word out.  He says "to admit when you're wrong."  I love that quote.  That one and "You're gonna need a bigger boat!"

Level 14

fixed..... thanks... fat finger simplex struck again!

I am unable to figure out how to move from round to round, i have found a work around but i cant seem to find Cap Marvel vs Keyes...   anyone help?

OK so i finally got to Marvel vs Keyes, but still it seems like there should be a way to vote then next vote etc...   This is very, well strange.

Level 9

Okay I don't understand.  I thought the rules of play were that today we would be voting on only one match-up.  Quint vs. Morgan.  Then when Swabbie opens up we have to chose between 16 different match-ups.  Four for High Seas, four for Animania, four for Interstellar and four for Island of Misfits.  So how did you get to Marvel vs Keyes?  That is part of Swabbie and doesn't open until March 23rd.  Show me the way of the jeremymayfield, oh sensei.  I lost out on my Pi because I didn't understand the rules. 

You mean no Captain Feathersword, the friendly children will be so sad.


Or Captain Lou Albano?


ask you shall receive.... 

Step one,

See the link right above the bracket?

Screen Shot 03-21-16 at 01.31 PM.PNG

Click it, then see the hyperlink,

Screen Shot 03-21-16 at 01.32 PM.PNG

From there I was able to right click and open in a new tab, each of the items, and they seem to rotate every few minutes so i was able to make it through.  today we should be voting on 17, on the 23 we should have 8 etc...  sweet 16 means 8 winners etc... I don't mean people i mean captains...   an so on.   But how i read it was supposed to work and how it did work were two different things at least for me and my Firefox browser.

It took a while but low and behold Captain Marvel vs Keyes finally showed up to play and when they did, I grabbed my opportunity...  If this isn't how we're supposed to do this then I sure hope someone else explains it to me.   good luck akio63​ and "Ahead Full!!!!!!!"

And the best of them all

Captain Jack Harkness


Level 14

This is going to be fun.

Level 9

Yeah, I don't know if that's what we're supposed to do.  They all said that they were locked but yet it let me vote anyway.  I'm not the only one either.  It's kewl that almost everyone voted for JamesT. Kirk.  So "Damn the torpedoes and  full speed ahead!"pastedImage_0.png

Here we go! Let the debates begin!

Level 15

Let's bring this full circle:

Level 15

Only the play-in round is open for voting right now, round 1 will open on Wednesday

Bracket Release & Play-inMarch 21st @ 10am CDTMarch 22nd @ 11:59pm CDT
SwabbieMarch 23rd @ 10am CDTMarch 27th @ 11:59pm CDT
Level 15

You're correct, it's only supposed to be the play-in round today & tomorrow. Round 1 officially opens on Wednesday

My 5 year old would go ballistic if he knew Capt. Barnacle from the Octonauts wasn't in the running! For Shame!!!


I'm just looking for as many Thwack points as humanly possible! <grub> <grub> <grub>

Level 9

So what is going to happen to all of Captain Kirk's votes?  Does he get double votes the second time we vote?  He had 23 of the 25 already casted votes. 

Level 9

Yeah looks like you're on to us.  I can't see the additional rounds anymore.  Now I get unauthorized access.  The story of my life. 



Just can't time travel anywhere anymore.... 

Level 14

Malcolm Reynolds for president

Hold the phones! I officially doth protest! My wife caught me on to this one. How can a tournament of great captains of the high seas take place without the great Captain Hook? "Save me, Smee!" Impossible!!!


Have you guys figured out yet I am exposed to way too much kid's cartoons yet?

Level 9

Oh he is definitely there.  He's going up against Turanga Leela.  That's gonna be a tough one.  I hope he makes it past the first round. 


Captain hook might be there, and Although i am a Cardinal Fan...   When we talk about Captains, what about,

Screen Shot 03-22-16 at 09.46 AM.PNG

I mean there should be some consideration.   I love my geekhood, but i love baseball just as much...

Level 9

March 23rd, hurry up and arrive.  I have to get back to the future.  I want to vote again!

Image result for back to the future

That is correct....

Going back to Quint versus Morgan, it's plain that Morgan had the intelligence, charisma, and guile to attract buccaneers, soldiers, sailors, and kings to his side.

Quint would have sailed a ship for Morgan; never the other way around.

Morgan remains the clear outstanding successful leader, even while Quint has his own local fun.  Quint never had a thousand men working for his cause, never stormed a fort and took it by surprise.  He fought a shark.  Not bad, but it's not much when compared to Morgan's accomplishments.

Level 14

As a retired sailor, USN 1982-2002, I would still put to sea with Quint before even entertaining the though of putting to sea with Morgan.

Level 14

Can we have write in votes?

Level 14

We shall see.  He would be the odds on favorite.

Level 14

The anticipation is killing me.


I'm going to predict Haddock as the overal winner

Sadly there's a lot of names there I don't recognise.


Ah good to see an Australian listed


Captain Awesome, absolutely classic.


I have to remember to log on each day, to put my vote in. Been a bit busy and haven't had time to get my Thwack fix until today. Anyways I'm on it now

Level 12

I love football any one more ..................


Too bad that several front runners will be eliminated in the Interstellar bracket.


AND TENNILLE is the funniest thing in the history of the Internet. For now, at least.

Level 9


Are you able to vote again or are you selections from Monday still valid?  I can't get into any of them.  When I click on the Vote button in the bracket it still takes me to the Unauthorized webpage.    I hope I will still be able to vote.

Level 13

When I click on the "Vote" links for the first round (not the play-in), I get the error message "Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here."


I think that's because voting for the play-in has just finished, Cap'n Morgan carries the day (huzzah!), and they haven't enabled the second round yet

Level 9

That's the same webpage I was getting on Monday.  I'm still getting it today.  But I can access John Smith vs. Morgan.  It sill has my vote from Monday.  And that is the only Round (other than Monday's Play In Round) that is available.  So I guess Round 1 is enabled but for some reason not all of them are available maybe?  Or maybe I'm just different?  I've been told that before. 


Level 13

Ah, I just tried all of the Round 1 options and I, too, can vote on John Smith vs. Morgan. I wonder if they only meant to enable one bracket per day?

Level 9

Well that just won't do.  There are 16 brackets and only 5 days, March 23rd thru the 28th, to play them in.

Level 14

ditto...same as akio63

Level 14

Baseball and spring..... Peanut Butter and Jelly....

Some things just go together... As a Red Sox fan I had much admiration and respect for #2 jeremymayfield  ... a pro's pro!!!

I get the same, is something up, are we being denied because we voted early?

Well said.   As long as its strawberry or apple jelly....   I am over the whole grape jelly thing...