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Bracket Battle 2016: And the winner is…

Level 15


O Captain! My Captain! The battle is won,

The votes are in, the bracket is done.

Though the waters were murky, now they’re clear as crystal,

Without a doubt, the ultimate captain wields a blaster pistol.

Introducing the Captain of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo.

In twelve parsecs or less, he’ll get you where you need to go!

Han Solo was the captain that everyone loved to hate in this bracket battle.

Somehow he managed to stomp out the competition in every round, and ultimately earned the title of The Most Legendary Captain of All Time!


What are your final thoughts on this year’s bracket battle?

Do you have any bracket theme ideas for next year?

Tell us below!


Honestly.. .I am still in a state of shock that Han Solo won so easily against some stiff competition. Going into this bracket I had my best on Picard.

Level 9

Can't believe a scruffy looking Nerf-Herder won!

A fitting epitaph to the Captain of the Falcon. Whilst Han may have benefited from Flavour Of The Month due to Episode VII being out for digital download, I'm glad he won

Ideas for other bracket battles? What about following up the ultimate captain with the ULTIMATE SHIP!! Could have all the relevant ones from this bracket, plus other famous ships from the past

Level 15

Interesting suggestion.. I'll keep that in mind

Level 10

Honestly, I am glad Han Solo won this. Now he gets to (WARNING: SPOILER!!) live on in our community as the winner over the other competition.

Level 17

It Certainly was a match for the ages!

Level 14

TO include US Navy Battleships, Carriers, and Submarines?

Level 14

T'was fun!  What's next?

Level 9

I am with you Peter!  If I had been asked who I thought would go all the way, my vote would have been for Picard as well.

Level 10

I am not surprised by the outcome.

Level 8

I'm sure Kylo Ren is not pleased with these results!

Level 20

Exactly it's absolute total scifi disaster!


You were looking for new bracket themes for the coming year.  I think everyone missed that topic.  Here are a few--I hope other Thwack members contribute their creative ideas, too.

  • Car brands and models
  • Countries?
  • Leading Men and Ladies in movies (what would they compete in?  Manliest?  Most attractive?  Most memorable?  Worst?)
  • Movies.  Star Wars I vs Mocking Jay.  Gone With The Wind vs. Titanic.
  • Pizza varieties
  • Junk food in general
  • Astronauts?
  • Pop culture toys from the 20th century (Hot Wheels vs. Barbies, Major Matt Mason vs G.I. Joe)
  • The whole Marvel/DC comics realm of super heroes
  • Musical singers/bands--broken down by genre, please.  There's no sense in putting very different types of music against one another, you'll only hurt someone's feelings.  e.g.: S#x Pistols vs. The Carpenters.  But you could do contests like The Monkees vs. The Partridge Family, or Patsy Cline against k. d. lang.  They're all in the same family.  But how about Elvis versus Michael Jackson?  Ooo--that one would be interesting!
  • Ice cream varieties against each other, or against candy?  Hmmm . . . Hershey's chocolate bar versus a one-scoop chocolate ice cream cone?
  • Brands of chocolate?  Lots of folks feel strongly about their particular "special" chocolate.
  • You could step into the realm of fantasy sports, but I'd like to see unexpected pairings.  Arnold Palmer versus Mario Andretti.  Casius Clay versus Wilt The Stilt.  Al Unser versus Andre The Giant.

That's enough from me . . . let's see what others come up with!

Level 15

rschroeder, you get the overachiever award!

This is an awesome list, thank you!

Level 9


Hope for all the scruffy looking Nerf-Herders out there!!


Agreed. I can only put it down to the recent Star Wars movie and votes going to the flavour of the month. It's the only explanation!


I think we all know where this is going though if this bracket was anything to go by.

Level 11

I agree.

Level 10

I voted for him because he is dead and I wanted his memory to live forever in our hearts.


I want to believe that if the new Star Wars movie had not come out yet that Kirk or Picard would have won.

Level 14

I'm good with this.  Not very believable, but a nice tribute and gesture of appreciation.  It was a fun contest too!

Level 7

I have to weigh in, Picard is definitely got it over Han...


Level 9

Was Captain Solo was really ever a captain?

He was always doing things for his own selfish self.

He retired (died) in Episode VII as a smuggler/trader/scoundrel.

Picard took on the Borg in battles at least three times. Not to mention in forming peace relations and using battle tactics where possible.

What Solo has done? Hit Darth Vader's ship in Episode IV (not destroy) and raised a son to be the worst Sith to come across the galaxy!

Clearly the votes were influenced by Hollywood.


Although . . .

Picard wouldn't have existed without Hollywood (or the movie/tv/advertising industry in general), nor would many of the captains in the bracket.

I shrug it off--it's a popularity contest.  With no measurable guidelines by which to measure any captain's worth, folks can vote on how cute or clean or tall or young or colorful any of the contestants were.

Give me something measurable, something tangible, that we all can agree on, and maybe we can all arrive at a winner who's truly superior in the measured qualities.

Level 13

Hmmm lets see:

  • Best Coffee Flavors/brews
  • Most OP Super power
  • Authors
  • All time favorite video game
  • Most powerful or most influential programming language
  • Who would win the historical presidential rumble royal
  • Most useless invention

Some of my ideas


But then we would probably all know the winners as soon as round 1 began.  I like it when there's a bit of a train wreck like this turned out


mesverrum wrote:

  I like it when there's a bit of a train wreck like this turned out see the trainwreck coming and you can't help but to watch.

Be aware, some things once seen cannot be unseen.

More ideas for brackets:

  • Vehicles (real or fictional):  Imagine the Avengers' flying/submersible aircraft carrier pitted against the Star Ship Enterprise.  Or the Seaview against the Nautilus.  Mustang (fighter air plane) against the Fokker Tri-plane.  Mustang (car) against any muscle car you care to name (must be stock, not modified).
  • Network Operating Systems, brands of PC / server vendors, NMS, firewalls, security solutions
  • Compare historical leaders.  Who was more influential, Chairman Mao or Genghis Khan?  Abraham Lincoln or Pol Pot.
  • Worst inventions?
  • Best inventions?
  • Goofiest laws still on the books in the U.S.
  • Silliest Guiness World Record
  • Most worthless leaders: Generalissimo Enrico Franco vs. General Manuel Noriega, etc.
  • Funniest comedians
  • Worst natural disasters
  • Worst human-created disasters
  • OK, I'll give in to the obvious--the funniest Youtube (or other) videos, but keep 'em clean.
  • Zaniest dance craze--one-offs not eligible, must be something that swept the country.
  • Vegetables?  When does a pickle beat a pumpkin?
  • Steak!
  • Steak sauces?  Naw, everything's better with Heinz Ketchup, so that one's a no-brainer (OK, I've got the umbrella up, force field set at 10).
  • Favorite varieties of any fruit or vegetable--obvious ones are out; I'm thinking of comparing the most amazing tomatoes, or the most wonderful potatoes, or mushrooms (for eating, not for psychedelics or hallucinogens), or carrots.  Something to incent people to try new varieties in their gardens.
  • Tire brands and models?  That could actually be useful.  We could have our own high-tech version of Consumer Reports going here.

You're right. 

There were only a very small number of possible winners if one based votes on leadership, training, accomplishments, how beneficial their actions were to the general populace, who you'd follow, who George Washington might have followed, etc.

Once the bad or evil or silly captains were immediately eliminated by the above criteria, it should be easy to predict who'd most likely come out in the lead.


Exactly, hopefully my comments haven't come across as griping. It's all in jest! Mock outrage!

Level 11

Well said I would agree.

Level 15

Your comments were taken in good humor, exactly as you'd hoped.

I think the outcomes of the various brackets, particularly when involving strong and moral characters (e.g.: Picard), were hard to see supporting men of lesser moral fiber.

Thankfully it's all for fun, and it means nothing outside of an entertaining diversion from the day's stress.  I've truly enjoyed this battle of the captains bracket.

Level 11

Yep. Kirk should have beat Solo, and Picard should have beat Kirk. This applies any way that I can think to measure these three, with the exception of the "flavor of the month" theory above. Solo can't even keep his hyperdrive working.

Level 14

Best Al Yankovic song?

Although it never achieved the monumental popularity of "Lasagna" or "Eat it" and their peers, I have a geek soft spot in my heart for "One More Minute." 

"Weird Al" Yankovic - One More Minute - YouTube

"I'd rather clean all of the bathrooms in Grand Central Station--with my tongue---than spend one more minute, with you."

Level 12

Congrats davebrowne

Level 12

I like these style quizzes.