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Alternate Actuator: The Bacon Edition

With humble admiration and praise for sqlrockstar and his weekly Actuator, I wonder if it might be time for an alternate Actuator. August, aka the "silly season," is just around the corner. The silly season's heat and high population density tend to make people behave differently than they would if they were cool, calm, and collected. That's why I am considering an alternate Actuator, one that will focus on the silly to honor August.

August is hot. And sweaty. And sweat is salty. And what could be better than connecting something hot with something salty, like bacon?

The Actuator:  Bacon Edition!

For those with a penchant for tech travel, check out London's Bacon Tech Fair. "From Nodecopters to Android hacking, there is a little something for everybody."

Are you cutting edge if your iPhone can't wake you up with the smell of bacon in the morning? Not according to The Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon!

Weird Tech 3: Bacon tech | ZDNet

Seriously, from teasing your vegan daughter to making an unforgettable first impression at the TSA baggage inspection line, these business and life products masquerading as bacon are sweet. (And salty?)

Bacon, Francis | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

What would an educational Actuator Bacon story be without some dry Bacon matter?

Technology Services / Technology Services

Bacon County School District is giving every student the latest version of Office. At no cost. I guess that really takes the bacon!

What could be better than using the internet to expand your vocabulary with bacon idioms?

High-tech bacon making using industrial IoT at SugarCreek - TechRepublic

Just when you thought the Internet of Things (IoT) had run out of possibilities, data-driven decision-making guides cured meat production.

Food+Tech Connect Hacking Meat: Tom Mylan on Better Bacon & Technology | Food+Tech Connect

You can't make this stuff up.

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my freezer is well stocked

This method of creating crispy bacon sounds great to me!  AND, it also has a solution for the leftover bacon fat, if you're not into tossing it out or freezing it and giving it to your yard birds in the winter.


I found this on a social media site but thought it would be appreciated here.



Totally useless for defeating COVID-19, but one would feel so delightful sniffing bacon all day . . .   And when your nose got tired of it, or your ears became sore, you just eat the evidence!



Did you catch "The Bacon Addict" Movie?



You COULD be socially distancing AND heading out on the Ultimate BACON CROSS-COUNTRY ROAD TRIP!



Level 14


very nice Rick... love it


Approaching the end of August and had to provide a little content for this...

Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin - smoked


marinated overnight in apple cider/spices, then applied dry rub before wrapping in bacon.

Smoked at 250 for about 2 hours until 146 internal temp, pulled off smoker wrapped in foil and let rest 20 minutes before cutting.



Level 14

yes please!  


Looks great  and I bet tastes better!   @Jfrazier 


It was quite tasty...the tenderloin was fork tender.  The bacon while not crisp, was a bit tougher as it cooked at a much lower heat than if it was fried on the stove. 

@Jfrazier that meat appears to be an 11 on the Yum Meter.


Sadly it was the first time I made it as a bacon wrapped delicacy. I have obviously been missing out.

The other time I smoked the tenderloins was also very good but that was a couple of years ago and I forgot what I did. 

I seemed to have worked out the smoker my wife got me for Christmas when I was recovering from neck surgery.

Of course a smoked ham or brisket is more common fare.  I may have to do a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving this year, I haven't done one in a few years.

Level 14

can't wait to see the pics from turkey day

Level 14

Looks awesome... saved the recipe... might even try it!


Thanks Rick.

Someone shared with me this closest degree of (Kevin) Bacon Grease.  They didn't even apologize.

What say you, Bacon Lovers Of Thwack?



Level 14

I just can't stop laughing.... brilliant!

Hormel is giving away bacon-scented face masks so you can smell bacon everywhere you go

Making COVID-19 Masks even MORE valuable!


The gift-giving season is almost upon us.  Wouldn't you love to have the respect & adoration of someone who received an awesome bacon gift from you?

Or would you rather receive it than give it?

How about both--give it AND eat it together!

$17.99 for two pounds seems a lot, but hey, it's Boss Hog!



Bacon or "bacoun" was a Middle English term used to refer to all pork in general. The term bacon comes from various Germanic and French dialects. It derives from the French bako, Old High German bakko, and Old Teutonic backe, all of which refer to the back.


And now you know.  Swift Rashers, my friends!






Rick Schroeder

In the Little Red House

In the Saginaw Wood

Level 14



These are awesome... With the holidays coming... A Covid-19 Bacon mask is the perfect gift.

(My daughter and son-in-law the BBQ Contest folks and their sons (junior circuit).... will love them)...



Living the Dream on the Rocky Coast of Maine.

The randomness of the Internet led me to a web site of foreign language terms or phrases for things that have no direct English equivalent.  And there it was:  "Grief Bacon"



For more ideas (sorry, no more bacon in them), check it out at


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@rschroeder @Jfrazier 


Okay for the holiday season....  The Steak Cake


Level 14

Wow... that is awesome... I might even try that!

@Jfrazier  great find!



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