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Alternate Actuator: The Bacon Edition

With humble admiration and praise for sqlrockstar and his weekly Actuator, I wonder if it might be time for an alternate Actuator. August, aka the "silly season," is just around the corner. The silly season's heat and high population density tend to make people behave differently than they would if they were cool, calm, and collected. That's why I am considering an alternate Actuator, one that will focus on the silly to honor August.

August is hot. And sweaty. And sweat is salty. And what could be better than connecting something hot with something salty, like bacon?

The Actuator:  Bacon Edition!

For those with a penchant for tech travel, check out London's Bacon Tech Fair. "From Nodecopters to Android hacking, there is a little something for everybody."

Are you cutting edge if your iPhone can't wake you up with the smell of bacon in the morning? Not according to The Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon!

Weird Tech 3: Bacon tech | ZDNet

Seriously, from teasing your vegan daughter to making an unforgettable first impression at the TSA baggage inspection line, these business and life products masquerading as bacon are sweet. (And salty?)

Bacon, Francis | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

What would an educational Actuator Bacon story be without some dry Bacon matter?

Technology Services / Technology Services

Bacon County School District is giving every student the latest version of Office. At no cost. I guess that really takes the bacon!

What could be better than using the internet to expand your vocabulary with bacon idioms?

High-tech bacon making using industrial IoT at SugarCreek - TechRepublic

Just when you thought the Internet of Things (IoT) had run out of possibilities, data-driven decision-making guides cured meat production.

Food+Tech Connect Hacking Meat: Tom Mylan on Better Bacon & Technology | Food+Tech Connect

You can't make this stuff up.

Level 14

Bacon Roses.... One of my daughters creations for Fathers Day.. (her husband loved them!)


And remember to try bacon where no bacon has gone before!

The post about Bacon Roses was a fun one!

Yes, Valentine's day is less than six months away, but it's never too early to start planning how you'll say "I love you!" to that someone special.


Level 14

News you can use... (borrowed from somewhere else!)

Image may contain: meme, text and food

Level 12

oh wow - love bacon even more if that is even possible

Level 14

And now a new entry to the Bacon Edition:

Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

Peanut butter, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles

(actually on the menu at Litchfield's Bar and Grille Rte 1 Wells ME..)

Litchfield's Bar and Grill - Menu

I tried it last night and it is the perfect blend of both of my favorite things to eat..... yummmmmmm!


Hmmm, the ThwackShop is down with "Great things are coming" - Bacon laptop case it highlighted in this post - Hmmm

September is the month for Bacon Festivals!


A call to action:  Bacon-eaters, your help is required!


America’s Pile of Uneaten Bacon Is the Biggest in 48 Years

Halloween is all about bacon, right?


Level 20

This is a flashback!

Level 14

So far to go ..... such little time!

Then again, the Asian Swine epidemic means higher exports of Pork(Bacon) to China....

Are higher prices ahead for those of us loyal crispy swine strip lovers?


Oh yeah .. I am in .. on the above.. I like a little of salted butter too … to the whole mix!!!

Our Sonic does a peanut butter bacon shake!!!


I love this edition!!! And I love all the posts!! Thanks everyone!!!

Level 12

thanks for the post

Level 11

Nice article, I enjoyed the weird and wonderful world of BACON!

Level 13

Don't know how I missed this the first time around rschroeder​, but I'm glad it popped up in the feed this morning.  Awesome stuff.  Thanks!

Level 12

Bacon should never be considered an "alternate"!

And now there's bacon music for us!

Rub Some Bacon on It - YouTube

I've never been to Easton, Pennsylvania.  Maybe it's time to schedule a visit!

PICTURES: PA Bacon Fest in Easton - The Morning Call


Granted, but if it were truly an alternate, just think what goodness the primary could be ?

Who knew there were wrong ways to wrap things in bacon?

The Right Way to Wrap Anything in Bacon

I don't know that I eat more bacon in the winter months than other times, but I do know that I tend to appreciate the little things even more when daylight is scarce and it's cold outside. 

And what better way to appreciate life than learning better ways to cook your bacon?  What--you say know already KNOW the best ways to cook it? 

I say "Prove it."  Share your recipes and instructions, with pictures of the process or the final product.  The reward is only the admiration from your peers who enjoy bacon.

And if you don't KNOW you're method is best, here are eight different methods to try.  Let us know which one is best to your taste buds!

Oh, the HUMANITY!  Bacon is being recalled in several states!

Bacon and ready-to-eat turkey products recalled in four states - CNN


Well at least it isn't for E. coli or something similar. 

On that note, when I was in NC last summer I drove by a Smithfield plant...where bacon donors arrived by the truckload.

May have to see if they have tours next summer...

Level 14

I'm in!!!


I'd like to turn some of the feral hog population here in Texas into bacon....and ham, and other tasty items.

"Bacon donors".    Ha!  Nice one.  You made me smile.

I don't know the taste difference between feral and farm, but I've had chops from a neighbor's "free range" pigs and found them to be vastly more delicious than the chops I can get at the grocery store.

If you've had chops or roast or loin or bacon from a feral pig, is there a taste difference between it and factory-farm-raised?


Depends...older boars and sows can have what people call a "gamey" flavor which tends to be hormones.

Younger pigs are much better.  Free Range tend to eat a variety of things so it is not the daily "feed".  Same thing with the feral hogs.

They are truly free range...they range over your land, your neighbors land, the land beyond that.  It is amazing how many acres a sounder of pigs can destroy in one night.

I have seen a 4-5 acre spot rooted over as if a farmer had taken a disc plow to it in < 8 hours overnight next to our camp....we never heard them.


Love the pig usb hub


there is that....or imagine that size or larger group of hogs running up on you and your team out doing feeder maintenance because they heard the dinner bell (feeder being filled).

Been there....

Level 16

Happens every time I bring doughnuts to work


bring the jalapeno filled ones and that will stop...They will only make that mistake once

Level 12

thanks for the post

2/6/2020's Mission Question knows the way to our hearts:


Level 14

First thing I though of Rick!  

That sounds like bacon-on-the-hoof to me.  Particularly if they're feral and the law allows or encourages harvesting them at any time.

Level 14

Decided to add to the B.E. it's been a while... 


From Run of the Mill Publick House (Saco, ME)


Not Your Mama's Meatloaf
We stuff our home-made meatloaf with spinach and cheddar, then wrap it with applewood smoked bacon. Smothered in home-made gravy, served with our garlic smashed potatoes and veggies.

Meatloaf wrapped in BACON!!!!!!!!!!! Yum!

Very good!... The spinach actually works here!! 

(Since I moved up to Maine a year ago... I am working my way through some of the more interesting places to eat and drink. Focusing on bacon!

Smiley LOL







Sounds good...add some onions and Jalepeno's to it and then we are talking some good stuff!!

In Maine, eh?  Bacon-wrapped Lobster?

Level 14

Ayah!! Been here for a year @rschroeder 


I think that might be a new idea for a menu!

Summer is coming!!! who knows

@gfsutherland  I've never had the pleasure of visiting beautiful Maine. I hear there are wonderful rolling landscapes, forests extending past one's imagining, Moose, and Whales.


And sometimes comically stoic individuals who practice brevity in their speech. I'd like to go there and make a new friend or three.


Retirement won't be so many years away, and I just bought a 5th wheel camper and a pickup to tow it. Northeastern states are one of my summer visit targets. Maybe I'll be there in the next five years, spending a few months exploring and listening to the practical thoughts of a lobsterman mending a pot or a net.


Maybe if I bring some thick-cut smoked bacon as an offering, one of the fishermen will give me the time of day, and maybe even share a boat ride with me and my wife.  Dare I hope, perhaps even some fresh-caught lobster or crab . . . to be wrapped in BACON!

Level 14

I am thinking instead of the rubber band on the claw after cooking we wrap the claw in bacon! 

Glad to see you bought the 5th wheel... Enjoy! (Wer're taking my little one down to the Outter Banks this summer.)  

If you get to Portland ME do the "mail run" from Casco Bay lines, it delivers mail to several islands on Casco Bay... 

As for retirement... was thinking next year but is now 2-3 (having fun in my new job!)




The new version of Thwack prevents me from adding any more pictures because it knows I uploaded a lot of images to the previous version of Thwack.  

And it doesn't like that.  Sooo . . . . .

Imagine a bright and cheery, eye-catching picture of a little Dunkin' Donuts paper container that might normally have a donut or three peeking out of it.  But instead of donuts it has brown-covered, lovely crusty bacon!  That ALSO has some coarse ground pepper sprinkled lightly over it!

Then click on this link to see the actual image.


And in the meantime, maybe @yumdarling  can eventually help restore my privilege of uploading pictures.


Thank you very much for the idea about traveling the mail run.  We hadn't heard of it, but will look it up as we plan our visit.

Level 14

The Bacon Edition - COVID-19 Style....




From, a bit of good news for bacon lovers:



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