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Alerting 4-Pack: How-to configure SolarWinds Alerts

Do you ever feel like you’re not taking full advantage of the power of your alerting system?  Have you seen snippets of coolness from other users and wondered how they did it?

Check out our head geeks in SolarWinds Lab Episode #3 as they discuss all four types of alerts in a single episode, with tutorials and hands on demonstration. They’ll cover syslog alerting, SNMP trap alerting and more importantly – the difference between basic and advanced alerts, with in-depth walk through of Orion platform alert management.

Great alerts allow quick response, and managing them shouldn’t be a chore.  Learn how to create and configure the alerts you need and suppress the ones you don’t.

Make your manager think you have physic powers by day, and sleep better on nights and weekends. Get the details here.