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After Hours Support Just Got Easier with DameWare Mobile

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SolarWinds is happy to announce the release of DameWare Remote Support (DRS) version 10!  Just like earlier versions, DRS v10 includes a comprehensive suite of systems administration tools, but this latest offering includes an innovative new mobile remote desktop application for iPhone and iPad that lets IT pros support end-users from anywhere using DameWare’s proprietary remote control protocol.

What is DameWare Mobile?

DameWare Mobile is an ideal tool for on-call rotations and after hours support.  With it, sys admins can create mobile desktop remote control sessions from anywhere a 3G or 4G signal is available.  It consists of two components:  the DameWare Mobile Gateway Service and the DameWare Mobile Client.

The Mobile Gateway Service

The Mobile Gateway Service manages connections from the outside world to computers behind a firewall.  It is packaged with the DRS installer and must be configured before users can connect to computers on a network from an iOS device.  Generally speaking, there are two ways to configure the Gateway Service:  on a Windows server residing in a DMZ or on a Windows server accessible through VPN connections.  The setup is quick and painless as the installer for the Gateway Service is packaged with the DRS v10 installer.

The Mobile Client for iOS

The mobile client is available in the iTunes App store for iPads and iPhones running iOS 6 or higher. From the mobile client, users can connect to Windows computers with the DameWare agent on their networks.  The mobile client includes a host of intuitive controls that make remotely controlling computers much easier than with free iOS RDP and VNC apps.  A Windows-ready keyboard complete with start button, ctrl, del, and esc keys is included as well as a virtual mouse with right and left clicks and drag & drop abilities.


Remote Control and Remote Administration

As always, DRS is packaged with Mini Remote Control the award winning remote access tool that has made the lives of countless IT pros easier for over 10 years.  DRS also includes a set of remote administration tools like Active Directory management, Windows administration, and support for Intel vPro with AMT.

So there you have it….DameWare just made things even easier for you sys admins.  If you’ve got an older version of DameWare Remote Support or some licenses of Mini Remote Control, now is your chance to make the leap to the latest version.  Visit to learn more about v10 of DameWare Remote Support.

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Helpful and educational information.  THanks for posting.