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A new (lesser known) feature in SAM.

Level 15

A while back I wrote this article on SOAP. Why? Well, it was to prime you for the new SOAP monitor SAM has now been outfitted with. (See, if you read my articles it's quite possible I may slip in a new feature without actually announcing it, or admitting it.)

Yeah, there's been a lot of talk about the new AppInsight for Exchange application. That's all well and good, but the new SOAP monitor has a little flash of its own. Take a peek:


From the SAM Admin Guide (sorta):

Loading WSDL Files: The SOAP monitor within SAM currently supports the WSDL schema, which must be exposed on a URL. Once the WSDL file is successfully loaded, the file will be parsed automagically and the fields will populate. Once the WSDL file has been successfully loaded, you can specify values for the available arguments. There are two types of arguments, simple, and complex... 

In other words, load a file and SAM will parse it for you, or you can enter your own XML if you're comfortable doing that. (Why do all these tech manuals sound so dull and dry? Oh, wait.)

Level 9

LOL this is great! Thanks man..."Automagically" fantastic!

Level 15

THanks for sharing.

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