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A few tips on customizing the Orion web interface...

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A recent post on the forum for the Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) at:

got me to thinking about some cool customizations that I've seen implemented on Orion and also a few best practices for using the Orion web interface. Orion's going to be turning 7 years old this year and the website has come a long way and I've seen some really, really creative customizations. Some of the most useful things I've seen have been in the areas of maps and reports. You can create some really complex and interesting maps and reports within Orion. I've seen maps with literally hundreds of levels and containing tens of thousands of elements. As for reports, one of the coolest is the one that Savell from down under posted at:

There are also some things that you can do to the Orion website that require virtually no effort but can offer huge payback. Here's my Top 5 list of Must Do's for Orion NPM website customization:

Head Geek's Top 5 Must Do's for Orion Web Customizations

5. Don't use the "Network Wide" charts and/or resources on any commonly viewed pages. These resources do exactly what they sound like they do, and therefore are can take as long to run as several of the other resources combined. Save these resources for where you really need them (if you need them at all).

4. Right-size the views for the screens that you commonly use. If you have Orion displayed in your NOC on a large HDTV like many customer do, you probably have room for at least 4 columns on the screen.

3. Put your company logo at the top of the page. Your boss will love it and his boss will like it even more.

2. Leverage the 'Views by device type" feature. If you're looking at a Node Details view for a router you want to see CPU, memory, buffers, NetFlow stats, and possibly VoIP call paths. But, if you're looking at the Node Details page for an APC UPS you want to see battery life, power input/output values, and etc.

1. Build views that include data from all of the components - Orion NPM, NetFlow, APM, VoIP, and Wireless. This is the absolute, number one thing that you can do to make your Orion views more usable and to cut down MTTR for issues.

If you're interested in hearing more about cool things you can do to the Orion web console respond here or send me a note ( and we'll schedule an informal webcast with an open Q&A and hit it in more detail.


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Josh Stephens
Head Geek, SolarWinds
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Interesting information.