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A Holiday eBook for Weary Sys Admins

Level 11

Even though fielding emergency calls on holidays is something system administrators have come to expect, resetting passwords while the family sits down to dinner can still put a damper on the holiday spirit.  The workaholics in your office won't let a little something like Thanksgiving slow them down and as long as they are working, you'll be expected to work too.

Whether it's simply rebooting an end-user's computer or troubleshooting a crashed production server, having the right tools can mean the difference between spending a holiday in a datacenter and spending it with family.  Remote support software is exactly that kind of tool!  DameWare Remote Support provides system administrators with all the features they need to support their office from one location.  With DameWare's remote control software, sys admins can remotely control Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers.  Performing Windows administration tasks like restarting services, viewing event logs, and managing peripherals is easy from the DameWare software console.  And when you're dealing with a workstation or server that has crashed or is in sleep mode, DameWare's integrated Intel vPro features allow you to troubleshoot remotely.

We here at SolarWinds know all too well about workaholics in the office (there are more than a few here too!), so we put together an eBook for sys admins that highlights several of the types of workaholics you're sure to encounter this holiday season.  So, download it here and enjoy this quick, entertaining read.  We wish you a happy holiday and hope that the workaholics in your office leave you alone just long enough to enjoy a little holiday cheer this season!