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60 minutes or less could save you $100K or more

Level 12

If you've been working to improve network availability (MTBF and MTTR) then you know how difficult it can be.  While an annual up-time of 99.9% is stellar, it nevertheless equals nearly nine hours of network downtime.  And with downtime costs ranging from $100K to $300K per hour this represents $900 thousand to $2.7 million a year in unnecessary expense.  Not exactly packet change. So whether you’re striving for “four nines” (99.99%) or looking for high impact ways to improve efficiency, it can really pay to learn how configuration management can help.

Next Tuesday, August 20, at 10am CDT, Francois Caron, Product Management Director at SolarWinds and Edward Bender, Head Federal Systems Engineer at SolarWinds, will be presenting a webinar packed with valuable tips and insights entitled Network Configuration Manager: Working to Eliminate the #1 Cause of Network Down-time. Here they will talk about the best practices we've identified to help improve network availability using network configuration management.

Here are just a few of topics they’ll be covering

  1. How to build a great profile inventory of network devices networ
  2. Why standardization can help reduce configuration errors and improve maintainability
  3. What can be done to protect configurations from unwanted changes
  4. Ways to bring out-of-service devices back into service quickly
  5. How to automate device updates, changes and end-of-life tasks
  6. How to more easily create compliance reports
  7. Ideas on how to tune-up your change control processes

If you've ever wanted to improve network availability or better manage device configurations, then this event will give you the insights you need.  This is a free webinar.  Please plan to join us Tuesday, August 20th at 10am CDT by registering now.