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5 Ways to Impress Your Technical Support Customers

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As support teams religiously measure the timeliness and quality of support delivered, it is also important to institute a mechanism to gauge customer satisfaction and understand what impact tech support has made on your customers. Impressing and delighting customers is getting to be a significant focus for all types of support organizations. Knowing what customer satisfaction is today can help you win customer loyalty in the future. In the long-term, this can contribute to business growth, and also make your customers recommend your services to others.

SolarWinds®, in conjunction with HDI®, has developed this Infographic to help you understand what technical support teams are doing to improve their customer engagements, and in the process, delight them.

The Five Ways:

  1. Knowing your customers & their preferences
  2. Meeting/Exceeding customer expectations
  3. Being proactive in service management
  4. WOW’ing your customers with timely resolution
  5. Showing your customers you care


Infographic Highlights:

  • 90% of support centers measure customer satisfaction with ticket resolution
  • 68% of organizations use service management solutions
  • 43% of organizations are resolving more than half of their desktop support tickets through remote support

Check Out the Full Infographic:


Learn more about delighting your customers and winning their loyalty »

Download the full Infographic here »

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As my organization is working to update its service desk software, and an overhaul of the service support policies and procedures, I found this a timely post and I will utilize it in my discussions with my teammates.  Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing the information

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VVery useful .. Thanks for the  info