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5 Ways to Crash Your Network!

Level 12

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   #1 Device Hardware – Fix it and Forget it

    • Don’t record or track device End-of-Life details – You don’t want to miss the surprises!
    • Let those under-performing, non-compliant devices continue to operate in the network.
    • No informed decisions or planning for budgets & device replacements –Instincts are right. Most of the time!

Feel the thrill when your device fails and you realize that it’s is out of vendor support!

   #2 Human Errors Are Normal – Deal with it!

    • Who said human errors are the No: 1 cause of network downtime?
    • Don’t spend money on automating configuration & change management tasks. What is left for the administrator to do then?
    • So, what if the network is down? It is not much of an expense to the organization.

     Manual configuration of a couple of hundreds of routers or switches is a FUN task!

   #3 Configuration change approvals? Gaaah…Don’t be too bothered….

    • Anybody should be able to make configuration changes. What if they go wrong? How do you expect people to learn??
    • No information on who made what change when? – Understand that, troubleshooting issues takes time!

   You’ll anyway know when the network goes down…

   #4 Regular config. backups? Too much effort!

    • Manual backup is a huge time consuming task. And, its’ boring!
    • Check for proper and regular back up of configurations every day? Naah…. Just write one if it’s that urgent!
    • It is not that big a deal to make bulk configuration changes, just ask users for more downtime!

    Don’t you have better things to do?

    #5 Compliance & regulatory standards? – You’re not the one to follow rules!

    • Don’t track compliance with federal regulations & standards. Maintaining documentation for audits is not that important. Do it if you have the time….
    • Don’t find those policy violations and fix them. Worry about them when there is a security breach.

    There isn’t anything worth stealing here… there?

IT failures have become an accepted, virtually expected, aspect of enterprise life. But, does that mean that you can afford to oversee the essential network configuration and change management tasks that have the biggest impact on your network’s uptime and organization’s expenses?

Level 11

A bit sarcastic, but the points manage to hit the right nerves. Good work!

Level 15

Interesting delivery method but relevant material.  If we can get on the right page, then these points are valid.  Thanks for the post.