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2015 Predictions and beyond, Stop telling me what’s happening, let me tell you!

Level 12

We are a solid 3 months into 2015 at this point, the first quarter is nearly out, and subsequently we should start seeing the seeds or even some fruit of various ‘2015 Predictions’ by “industry” folks.  Well, rather than wait until the end of the year to see, what ‘might’ happen vs what might not. What are *you* seeing.  You are the community, you are the people for whom the predictions toll, but most importantly you are the ones who actually decide IF they will come to fruition or not.

We’ve seen predictions around Cloud adoption, implementation of Software Defined Data Centers, whether components of Software Defined Storage, Software Defined Networking or other similar type capabilities.   I don’t want to even bring up the fact that the past 10 years have been, “The Year of VDI” but every year it is predicted, and every year sadness follows because wide-scale adoption keeps people saying, “one more time…”

So what are you seeing, let’s say… Forget the Analysts, the Trade Press, even my own predictions because they mean nothing if they don’t actually happen. (No, this isn’t some kind of obscure Nostradamus stuff Smiley Happy) But the best kind of predictions follow as Self-Fulfilling prophecies and you are in the drivers seat of IT to see things start happening or *want* things to start happening.

So now that we have a few months under our belt, what are some of the Predictions you DO see happening and others you would *like* to see happen.  Fortunately the industry and marketplace is mature that a majority of the solutions exist to adopt, it’s just a matter of…

Which ones are resonating with you?

Level 14

Data analytics.  Even as we explore the adoption of all the aforementioned technologies the one thing that all of the teams come back to is making better decisions faster.  In order to do that they need more complex data sets presented in ever more dynamic fashion.  We also noted that there is significant symbiosis and swapping of data between data repositories.  Data silos are being broken down and data sets are becoming co-dependent on one another.

Technologies migrate and pivot but the appetite for data grows every day.

Level 12

Security out the window.  I am seeing companies having a harder and harder time understanding what their users are doing with their data.  As things become cloud and hybrid cloud, so do the tools and methods the users who manipulate the data do.  If you have a developer working with sensitive company data do you know where he stores it *before* that project goes into production?  It may be sitting on google docs or some other company hard disk you don't have a business agreement with.  I think today the solution is https interception with NG firewalls, but more and more apps are using app imbedded certificates and are having to be bypassed in the inspection process.  Do you have control of your data and where it sleeps at night?

SD Datacenter, Storage, and Networks honestly aren't even a thought for us.  They are for me cause I am a networker and I have been exposed, but my company has no idea what it is.  Dare I say it will be years and years till they do and then some marketing person with suddenly get it and demand it.  They probably don't even know the marketing phrase.  To me "software defined" is more about more IT types of people who are not necessarily developers using development and scripting to automate tasks related to data.  And based off what I am seeing in my previously mentioned security concern, I see that growing rapidly this year.

Level 17

I see the trends around me coming to fruition and it makes me nervous. Anyone who has seen that Cameron Diaz movie with that other guy who's name you can't remember knows you can't trust the cloud. Though it isn't quite the mystery they make it out to be, it was obvious they were not using SolarWinds based applications to monitor their cloud activity. But yes, I see more Virtual Workstations along with More cloud based technology.

Level 15

Interesting thoughts.  In the field that I work in, security and accessiblility to your down data is becoming paramount.  It is only with due diligence can this come to fruition as both fully accessible and more importantly secured.  Baby steps to the cloud and heavily embracing virtual workstations.  This only works IF each and everyone of us actively performs our tasks.

Level 15

I see 'hyperconverged systems' becoming more attractive - especially in larger shops that lived for years in the host cluster/networked storage paradigm. There is some real value-add there, though...the ability to scale up and out in graduated degrees without being hobbled by really pricey breakpoints makes a lot of sense for shops who really and truly have to justify every cent of virtualization spending. It hearkens back to the genesis of virtualization - maximizing compute, etc. density for money spent...nowadays, we're seeing commodity hardware and hosts with (gasp!) local storage being stacked by large didn't see much of that two or three years ago.

Level 14

VMware's VSAN 2.0 is a great representation of that Software-defined SAN going maintstream.  Our VMware architects have a bunch of lab boxes stood up -- older tech used for testing only -- and were killing traditional SAN technologies on both IOPS and GB per dollar.  I don't think we'll ever see the full commoditization of compute infrastructure but we are well on our way of obfuscating brand differentiation at that layer.  Brand name, white box, build-your-own (Google!) -- as long as it is redundant and highly available then it soon will not matter.

Hyper-convergence is going to present a whole new challenge to the monitoring teams.  AppStack is only the tip of the iceberg.

Level 13

In banking, security and regulatory compliance, which have always been important, are getting a much-increased level of attention.

Level 15

Funny you mention Google - I saw a demo/standup for Nutanix the other day. The founders of that company are ex-Googlers and supposedly designed their datacenter architecture before they broke off. The technology definitely has some similarities to Google's with regard to scalability and ease of incremental growth.

Level 12

Bahlkris‌ there is some form of security of data with the cloud full and hybrid. it is just in some little areas u do not monitor what your users are doing. There are management platforms. Good you talk about NGFWs they have been helping with security of data internally as i know. Most times the engineers want to have most of the new technologies we have been exposed to, like ur view, it would take years to get the company owners onboard with the idea.

Level 12

nice information

Level 11

I see personal data becoming more vulnerable to compromise as more companies transition to online access, without providing the appropriate security measures to protect the data they hold.

Level 21

In the short term for my industry (Health Care), my "futurist gene" is gazing into the crystal ball and seeing:

* More and more Telehealth replacing traditional visits to the Clinic and Hospital and Emergency Room.  Some companies are already investing in it for their employees, figuring it's a no-brainer to keep the employees at their desks or homes and using a Skype-like system to eliminate the travel and waiting room time for an employee to see a Health Care Worker.  It's even becoming a service in some cities that charges a flat $50 per video visit.

* Medical House Calls on the rise.  What used to be common 150 years ago, and dwindled to nearly nothing in recent years, is seeing a reverse trend.  Again, people are finding it better value to have a provider visit them at home--or at work--than to waste time at the Urgent Care / Minute-Clinic, being exposed to other folks who are also sick.  House Calls have dropped to $500/visit, and don't be surprised to see the price fall further if this spreads.

* Farther into the future:  It's looking like implanting telecommunications/Internet access INSIDE PEOPLE may be common just twenty years from now. 

How will that affect telecommuting?  I'll guarantee it'll cut down on the cost of gasoline (if any is left!).

Will SolarWinds have a "Monitor Me" module that watches our white blood cell count, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, sugar levels, etc.?  If that information were shared in real time, and if it had thresholds set, it could alarm us and health care providers before we even know we're sick!

I hope I'm still here in 20 years to enjoy great things, and that we don't end up in some Terminator/Matrix dystopia.

Level 15

I'm pretty sure that's already happened!

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