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Ratings and User Reviews for SolarWinds Swag

Ratings and User Reviews for SolarWinds Swag

All SolarWinds swag have a ratings option, 1-5 stars, just like Amazon. And then users who have purchased swag have the option to leave a review, just Amazon, and can score Thwack points for the more humorous and clever they are. Additionally, Thwack points for ratings and 'Like'ing reviews.

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Bumping it on up!

Level 13


She appears to have hit her cheek on the seat back--two seats in front of where she was sitting.

And she also appears to be experiencing embarrassment in front of her peers.

If this isn't an "official thing" with Thwack, why not create our own Discussion to accomplish the same goal?

Or, create a Poll for every item in Thwack and assign responses of 1-5 or 1-10, with the larger number representing the greater satisfaction with the item in question?

Sure, it's work, and tedious to search through.  But if Thwack admins aren't doing it, at least it would be SOMETHING . . .

Level 10

Let's start again --------------- BUMP

Level 10

I will take a couple of items to set up. Just let me know which ones you would like me to do and I will do them.

Level 12

Image result for bump meme

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