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Level 8

No SolarWinds at VMWorld '12??

Say it ain't so!  Worked on my VMWorld schedule, looked through the exhibitors list and SolarWinds was nowhere to be found.  Really disappointing because I got a lot of good information from you guys last year.  Looks like a slew of your competitors will be on hand duking it out for business.

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Level 11

we will most likely have a workstation in a Partner's booth at VMworld.  We are also planning a little party for Monday evening.  Please keep checking back for more details on both!

Party at VMworld has been confirmed!  Please RSVP for our "vMixer" here: SolarWinds vMixer 2012

We will also be hanging out in Acronis' booth #1701 all week and giving away a scooter!!

Hope to see you all there!!

Will we receive an email notification after signing up?  Still haven't received one which is why I wanted to double-check.

There will be no email notification sent after you RSVP.  Feel free to come visit us in the Acronis booth #1701 if you have any questions before the event.

I am confused.  Is the vMixer Sunday or Monday??

The Invite says: "DATE: MONDAY, 8/26/2012" but Monday is the 27th.

Sorry for the confusion, the RSVP site has been updated to the correct date.  Our event is Monday night, August 27th.  Hope you can make it!

I will make sure I keep some time open on Monday night.