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How to make the Solarwinds coffee cup better.

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On a trip I had to improvise adapt and overcome.2011-02-25 08.23.08.jpg

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I will just sit here and sulk while you all brag about your toys...

"The thwack store currently ships only to the US and Canada"

I feel your pain sulking too

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Community Manager
Community Manager

These are hilarious and I love seeing where these items end up.  I started a discussion here to encourage everyone to post pics of their SolarWinds swag (inspired by you, , I never thought people would be willing to share!). 

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That is awesome

Level 8

I just ordered my superhero cup last week.  Waiting to get it in the mail!

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Good luck, I ordered mine 4 weeks ago and still haven't seen it

On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 11:11 AM, jswiss8608 <


The superhero coffee mug is being shipped to you today.  My apologies that your order fell through the cracks.  Our fulfillment center has increased their resources so they aren't as buried with store orders.



I will look into this for you and provide an update once I hear from our fulfillment center.  If anyone else has placed orders and never received their items, please contact me.

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How do you make a coffee cup fly? 

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Level 14

I keep my cup....

Hey, wait, I don't have a cup...  Who's my sale rep again?

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It looks like you have 2,700 thwack points.  If you go to the thwack store, it looks like you could buy either coffee cup.

The only thing that doesn't make sense is that the "superhero" cup is more expensive than the tall orange one; usually larger drinks cost more. 

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The bigger cup only usually costs more when it's filled with coffee   Graphics cost $$.

Oh, with insight like that...who's the superhero now?  I just thought the points were a Thwack "reputation" meter, I didn't know they could be redeemed for goodies.  Time to shop!

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Just add tea?


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I keep my cup well guarded.20130417_085315.jpg

These aren't the droidcups you're looking for.