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Community Manager
Community Manager

Bought some SolarWinds swag from the thwack store? Show us!

There has been some conversation sparked about how people are using their SolarWinds swag.  Whether it's stickers, a laptop sleeve, t-shirts and polo's, we wanna see it's new home! 

Post away.

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....yeaaahh...but...mine are distorted to look like they're placed on it even on the angle. He had it easy cuz it was straight on! I love Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser - and it's free distort feature!

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GIMP does not do to bad of a job with its perspective tool. I am sure if I spent more time I could get it just right. Mike Driskell kevincrouch4 esther - perhaps we could get DanielleH or maria.bungau to put together a really big contest that could earn you 250,000 points once and a while so we could get to the 1M for the car.


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wow.. lovely car!! in the store for 1m points

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Nice Junior Wind Turbine you have there.

just how did they arrive at the name Solarwinds DanielleH ?

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I have also always wondered about that!

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Level 13

When will these be available for purchase with points? I would be very interested in purchasing some


haaaaaa Kevin Crouch.... when ???

Maybe DanielleH will include Kevin Crouch request at 250,000 points

Level 12

kevincrouch4 wow man,

14,000 points in 6 months ! ! !

and I thought I lived on thwack

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Member since January 28th! and it's actually 17282 points total so far, but yeah I have spent around 14K. ThwackPack (Awesome!!), Laptop Sleeve (still waiting on ), and a bunch of smaller goodies!!

Honestly, I subscribed to the announcements forum, that way everything gets emailed to me. I just read whatever sounds interesting and can have conversations with people from my outlook. It's very nice actually. It also means I comment in basically every one of the ambassadors posts. And of course every monthly mission.

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Level 9

And because of this thread, I registered for an account.  Long road ahead...but I wants me some of that SWAG!

Just curious mullinj, how did you stumble across this thread?  Are you a regular viewer of thwack and decided to finally get an account?  In any matter, welcome!

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I believe the proper term is “lurker” Danielle >.> ☺

I think I had an old account to download content but that was years ago and no access to that e-mail account.  No worries!  Happy to start fresh!

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Oh I know.  I just don't want to call any names.

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I've used SolarWinds for years, but mainly just read thwack posts to resolve issues in my different environments.  I just started a new position and I'm back to a SW shop so I started browsing thwack again. Glad to be back for sure!


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No tech office is complete without Yoda on the wall.

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