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adding an AD group in a STIG environment--"No domain specified. Please enter search string in the format: Domain\Groupname

Do any other federal customers see issues when adding AD groups in NPM?  When I query for any AD group, I get the same message "No domain specified.  Please enter search string in the format:  Domain\Groupname".

This occurs no matter what I put in for the Groupname field.  I can use an asterisk there or even copy/ paste the AD group with which I successfully authenticated (from upper right of any web page).  This used to work, so I'm assuming it's a casualty of having a pretty locked down environment--possibly HIPS.  I imagine inserting a row in the relevant field of the database might do the trick, but that has risks and seems too much of a hack.

I created a local service account in Administrators group and ran the query since my own account requires CAC authentication.

At one time this worked.  I'm assuming this is self-inflicted since I'm not reading about this issue on NPM forums.

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