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What's the difference between Sonar Discovery and rest of NPM when it comes to SNMPv3 authentication?

Hi, all 🙂

We have a HAIPE that supports SNMPv3 using SHA1/AES128 ... when we run Sonar Discovery, the device is discovered using SNMPv3 and various MIB values are queried to fill in various information fields for the new node (name, description, machine type, etc.) ... however, this is the only time that SolarWinds is able to authenticate with the HAIPE ... after the node has been discovered, the only polling data that is collected is ICMP polling data ... going to the "Edit Node" page and testing the SNMPv3 connection results in "Test Failed" ... I can't even get the Universal Device Poller to query the MIB-2 sysDescr object (which is presumably where Sonar Discovery pulled the description info during discovery).

So the question is: what is different between Sonar Discovery and the rest of NPM that allows the former to successfully authenticate with the HAIPE while the latter cannot?

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