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NPM 2020.2 upgrade error - fixed

Hi all,


I've noticed there are a lot of unique obstacles we face with our installs in the DoD environment, so I thought I would try to start posting some of my issues with fixes so that maybe I can help someone else out in the future.


We had one of our Orion servers running 2019.4 that started to take AGES to load after a reboot.  The website would spin for hours, and then it would take even longer to start displaying the proper data.


Attempting to edit any nodes would return unexpected website error and there are numerous ASP.NET errors in the event viewer.  I tried clearing the ASP.NET temporary files from C:\Windows, renamed the inetpub\Solarwinds folder and ran config wizard, removed and reinstalled .NET 4.8, installed KB4569746, modified the IIS pools to be always-on and increased the timeout interval, and repaired job engine v2 all with no luck.


Ultimately I decided since we are rolling out 2020.2 anyway, there is no time like the present, so I ended up running the uninstallall powershell script on the box so that I could fresh install 2020.2.  The installer eventually stopped with the TFTP error during NCM install:

Failed: SolarWinds TFTPServer - Fatal error during installation. Check SolarWinds TFTPServer log file for more details. Server XXXXXXXX. Log file location:


I tried the ServicesPipeTimeout registry setting, which did not help.  I (eventually) found that the uninstall ps1 script was not clearing out all the TFTP server registry entries, so I ended up backing up the registry, then searching for all the TFTPServer entries, and deleting them (ended up being about 25-30 entries I think).  After this, the install proceeded with no issues.  Website is up and running with no problems.


I hope this helps someone.



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Thank you for posting, I never thought to post this fix. I ran into the same issue with our environment, we have multiple modules.

I did not to a clean install meaning I did not remove the old, or change servers. Like you I deleted the registry settings. However I did them all except for agents.  IT took me a while but then the upgrade went smooth.  

We have several environments, I did not have to do this on any main pollers or the EOC, but new APEs on Windows 2019 is where I ran into this issue, although I suspect it  could have cropped up anywhere.