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Government Webinar: DoD Case Study on Meeting Security Requirements

Government Webinar: DoD Case Study on Meeting Security Requirements
Wednesday, September 16, 2020 2:00:00 PM ET - 3:00:00 PM ET

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Cybersecurity threats continue to increase and evolve, and government customers have always been prime targets. That’s why the DoD has some of the strictest IT security requirements in the world, designed to help protect their infrastructure and operations and deliver their mission.

Please join us for a live, interactive webinar with guest speaker Dave Richards, who will leverage his experience as the Technical Lead at the RCC-NG (Regional Cyber Center – National Guard). He will focus on how SolarWinds fits into the scheme for security management on the DoDIN-A(NG) network, formerly known as “GuardNet.” We’ll cover a range of security topics, including vulnerability and device management, maintaining compliance, leveraging dashboards and analytics to improve IT security, and investigation techniques. We’ll review and discuss the different methods, tools, and best practices employed to help secure the DoDIN-A(NG), the largest DoD closed network in existence, and demonstrate the SolarWinds products used in the solution.

Register and attend this webinar session to learn how to:
• Leverage automated network configuration tools to deploy standardized configurations, detect out-of-process changes, audit configurations, and correct violations
• Audit device configurations and logs for NIST FISMA and DISA STIG compliance
• Discover patch statuses and vulnerabilities and automate patch management
• Use IP address management as an investigation tool to complement security scan results
• Tune automated alert notifications for customized near-real-time event management
• Create customized monitoring tools as NOC displays to address the specific needs of service owners
• Case study for COVID-19 support requirement to provide VPN RA monitoring and metrics

Please join us for this live webinar with a SolarWinds Government sales engineer and guest speaker Dave Richards, from RCC-NG, currently working out of San Antonio, TX. Schedule conflict? Sign up to get a copy of the slides and access to the on-demand presentation after the webinar.

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